The Different Kinds of Yeast Infections

Vaginitis is one of the most common kinds of yeast infections.

When the invasive form of C. albicans infects the female genital area, the condition is called Vaginitis, or genital candidiasis.

Vaginal yeast infections are so common that 75% of women will have at least one infection sometime in their lives, and 50% of women will have more than one. C. albicans likes to live in warm moist areas, and the vagina certainly qualifies. (more…)

Candida albicans – The Yeast Responsible for Most Yeast Infections

It is important to note that Candida albicans rarely “causes” a yeast infection, even though it’s always present in the body and in the outside environment.

That’s Right – Yeast Doesn’t Cause Yeast Infections.

The yeast that is responsible for vaginal yeast infections, male yeast infections, diaper and skin rashes and oral thrush is a tiny fungus called Candida albicans. (more…)