How a Sugar-Free Diet Can Help Prevent Yeast Infections

If you seem to get yeast infections way more often than you would like, (and even one seems like too many!), a sugar-free diet may be exactly what you need to keep the yeast infections away.

Research studies have shown that the yeast population in mice will skyrocket (and become infectious), if the mice are fed a high-sugar diet.

Exactly the same thing happens in humans. Unfortunately, most of us in the Western world do eat a diet that is high in refined sugar and simple carbohydrates, which creates the perfect environment for a yeast infection. (more…)

Do You Need a Special “Candida diet?”

Many authors claim you need a special Candida diet to prevent chronic yeast infections, but this may not be true.

That is, of course, as long as you use common sense and eat a healthy diet. Sugar and white flour should be avoided if you have chronic yeast infections, but no other changes appear to be necessary – although the importance of eating lots of green veggies and cutting back on your portion always applies, whether you get yeast infections or not. (more…)

Preventing Yeast Infections – Some Basic Tips

Preventing yeast infections is a matter of finding the most likely cause for a Candida overgrowth.

While  poor diet and damp, warm skin are easily-fixed problems that may trigger a yeast infection, there are other risk factors that must also be considered. Hormone changes and the use of antibiotics and steroid medications are probably the most common. We can control some of these factors, but not all of them. (more…)