Steroids and Yeast Infections

Steroids that are used to combat illnesses such as asthma, arthritis and lupus have been known to bring on a yeast infection, because these medications lower your immune response.

Steroid medications are included in one of the four primary causes of yeast infections, because the immune system is so important in preventing infections. If you must take steroids for a medical condition, ask your doctor for advice about preventing candida yeast infections.



If you’re on steroid medications for any reason, your immune system is compromised, so it it is not safe to treat any kind of infection yourself. Although it’s rare, it is possible for a common yeast or bacterial infection to become a real health risk for people who do not have a strong immune system response, so see a doctor at the first sign of infection.

4 thoughts on “Steroids and Yeast Infections

  1. I have a current yeast infection due to diabetes and steroid use. Can I take my Anglican in the middle of my steroid dosing or will the diflucan not be effective?

        1. Because I think I’ve offered some useful information in my articles. But I’m not a doctor – and even if I was a doctor I couldn’t offer medical advice to total strangers over the Internet.

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