Using Yogurt for Yeast Infections

The most common home remedy for vaginal yeast infections is non-sweetened yogurt that contains active bacteria.



Many commercial brands do not contain live acidophilus, the friendly bacteria that helps keep yeast in check –so be sure to read the label.

Men with male yeast infections can also try eating yogurt to see if it will correct their bacteria-yeast balance. If the infection is mild enough, the infection may go away in a day or two.

Nancy’s website has a lot of interesting information about the cultures contained in their yogurt. If you don’t live in an area that sells this particular brand, check the labels on the yogurt available at your local supermarket – “live cultures” should be prominently noted.

If you add sugar to the yogurt you will cancel out its benefits by feeding your yeast – if you really can’t bear the idea of eating unsweetened yogurt, add a small amount of honey instead of sugar. Honey has been proven to increase the numbers of beneficial bacteria in your gut, while sugar inhibits bacteria and feeds yeast. If you have to choose between sweeteners, always choose honey. Brown sugar, raw sugar, and other forms of sugar are just sugar – they aren’t any better for you, and they should be avoided like the plague if you have a yeast infection, because yeast likes eating sugar just as much as you do.

Different methods of using yogurt for yeast infections

  • The most obvious way to use yogurt when you have a yeast infection, or to prevent future infections, is to eat some every day. This will help keep a nice, healthy population of friendly bacteria inside your body, where the bacteria can act as your first line of defense against a yeast infection. Many yeast and bacteria species are natural enemies, because they compete for the same resources – in fact, many forms of fungi are the basis of our most potent anti-bacterial drugs. When we eat yogurt, we’re taking advantage of this ancient animosity between these two life forms.
  • Some people put yogurt in the vagina instead of eating it, in order to get the acidophilus down where it’s needed more quickly. You can insert the yogurt directly into the vagina by dipping a tampon (the kind without an applicator, like the OB brand) into unsweetened yogurt and then inserting it into the vagina. Remove the tampon after an hour or so. Do not forget it’s there.
  • You can also freeze yogurt in the fingers of a sterile plastic glove, and then insert the frozen yogurt popsicle in the vagina like a tampon. This can be a bit messy, so you may want to use a sanitary pad for a few hours. Believe it or not, the icy yogurt will feel good against your inflamed vaginal walls.
  • You can also find suppositories containing live bacterial cultures at the natural food store and online. These products deliver the beneficial probiotics directly to the affected area. Make sure you select a capsule that contains only live bacterial cultures, and which does not contain herbal remedies such as Pau D’ Arco bark extract or black walnut that may kill the beneficial bacteria, too. If you use an antibacterial product of any kind, it will eliminate the friendly acidophilus along with any yeast.

If you use one of these products or put yogurt in the vagina, you should also eat a cup of unsweetened yogurt every day as well. You need a strong population of acidophilus in your intestinal tract to help build up your natural defenses and keep your infection from coming back.

Yogurt may be the safest treatment for mild yeast infections

Since yogurt is not an antifungal treatment, there is no risk that it will cause your yeast population to mutate and become drug resistant. Even if you are lactose-intolerant, you may be able to tolerate yogurt, but if not, try one of the acidophilus capsules sold at the natural food store, instead –but be sure to read that label!

Although thousands of women swear by this treatment for yeast infections, some researchers are not so sure since  acidophilus is naturally present in the vagina already. This may explain why many health practitioners suggest that you eat the yogurt, instead of inserting it in the vagina – by eating the yogurt you improve the yeast/bacterial balance in your colon, which improves your digestive function, and this may improve your overall health enough to cause your vaginal yeast to calm down.

If you want to use yogurt as a treatment for your yeast infection, go ahead and experiment to see what actually works for you. You may decide to cover all your bases, and use yogurt both as a topical treatment in the vagina or on your genital area, while also including it in your diet. If your infection doesn’t go away quickly, be sure to make an appointment with your doctor.

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  1. Hie there
    iam 36 and i have been sufferring with vaginal yeast infection on and offespcially in hot seasons or a visit to a very hot area,is it normal to have on and startedin 2001 i was pregnant with my second doctor prescribed me but afterwards i have been buying madicine over the question is what madication can i use to permanantly destroy it.

    1. Hi Alice. This is definitely something you need to discuss with your doctor. Yeast floats around in the air, so there is no way to permanently destroy yeast. However, there may be something you could do, perhaps to change your diet or be treated for another underlying medical problem that hasn’t been diagnosed yet. I recommend that anyone who has chronic yeast infections should see their doctor or naturopath, and find out why the infections keep coming back. Make that appointment today, so you won’t put it off any longer.

      1. I am not a doctor but, when I went to my doctor many times. I reminded her of how many times I had been in over the months. And the 1st test she ran for me was a diabetes test. I don’t remember why but, that was important…anyhow come to find out I am definitly pre-diabetic. So my diet has changed drastically and I don’t get yeast infections as much. I was just on this site looking for the natural way as of course I have 1 but, its been quite a while since I had one… and guess what I bet it was all those chocolate robin eggs I ate last week… LOL …

        1. Carlie, thanks for the reminder that yeast infections are often a first sign that you may be at risk of diabetes. And doctors are busy people, so they might not notice that you keep coming back in for the same problem. I’m glad you mentioned it to her — and that you’re taking the proper steps with your diet to get yourself back to health, those chocolate eggs notwithstanding. 🙂

        2. Diabetics excrete sugar in their urine. That’s why they have frequent yeast infections–lots of sugar for the yeast to feast on.

    2. Alice,
      It has been my experience that if someone has repeated yeast infections that is it one of two reasons. The first is simple hygiene problems. Your partner isn’t cleaning himself between interactions, your wiping the wrong direction, your allergic to scented powders and the like or wear pantie liners every day. (they just aren’t good for you) The other problem is a blood yeast infection called candita. It’s simple to test for and very easy to cure but you have to ask your doctor to test for it because it’s not paid for by most insurance companies.

    3. Same here. Only in the hot seasons but it is off and on. I have tried the cannon light and fit vanilla. It has on the container live cultures. Works for me. A lot better than spending money at the pharmacy. Be sure to eat yogurt everyday or every other as well.

  2. I’ll vouch for the yogurt in the vagina. The cold yogurt is so soothing for that itch and it only takes one or two treatments, for me anyway. I’m just looking for a better way to get it in there. (found this page and thought I’d give my two cents 🙂 If you do it, make sure it’s PLAIN yogurt and I personally think organic is best. It’s important to wear cotton underwear also – it breathes better. I notice when I wear my other underwear (nylon or whatever) I start itching after several days if I don’t stick with cotton.

  3. I think I have a BV infection.. And Ive heard of using the yogurt treatment for that as well as yeast infections. I tried it for the first time tonite, by soaking a tampon in the yogurt and inserting it. But I just realized that the yogurt I used has 6% sugar in it!! Ughh! I know that sugar can make a yeast infection worse but I dont think thats what is wrong, I think its just BV… Is the sugar in the yogurt going to make it worse? What should I do???

    1. You should make an appointment with your doctor, and you should do it soon. There is no evidence that I’ve ever seen that shows that yogurt has any effect whatsoever in treating a bacterial infection. And a bacterial infection is far more serious than yeast. Call your doctor.

      1. Thanks for the reply.. I went to the doc like 2 days later and it was in fact BV. I was given medication that took care of it in a week. Everything is back to normal! I have had yeast infections before, and I cant believe I ever compared the two, they arent similar in any way!! Bacterial infections may be worse, but Id take it over a yeast infection ANY day!! They are NOT fun.

        1. Just to clarify, BV is so much worse than a yeast infection because it is. Icy harder to get rid of. Taking the prescription your doctor gave you will not usually cure the problematic symptoms of BV and using yogurt is a reliable natural way to rid your body of BV. THE excited you took was antibacterial medication that will get rid of both bad and good bacteria which will leave you clean for a while and then return again. You will most definitely have a return recurring bv symptom and infection sooner or later. You will need to eat live bacteria cultured yogurt which if you
          the cure for the yeast infection. You need to keep the level of acidic
          balance high which is also called your ph level. This will help ward off the growth of bad bacteria. We cannot just remove bad bacteria and hope that it will not return. There is an underlying reason why it became a bad growth of unbalanced bacteria inside is in the first place. So it’s better to deal with the problem not just medicate it. Eventually you will need the meds again because the bad bacteria will cone back and over take the good ones. You will get the meds and possibly become desensatized to the antibacterial properties. Just use the yogurt trust me. I’ve had this issue for years hurting my body with meds that weren’t ever designed to cure my bv. Yes you are happy and clean now but eventually you will be back here searching for this info. Give it a week or two or once a period happens you will notice the same symptoms. If this happens then use yogurt. Eat 1 cup plain live bacteria culture acidophilus live culture yogurt and then use tis same unpasteurized yogurt inside you may e a tablespoon. Use these both seven days..once daily. At the same time.same it should never return. Have you never heard of how the doctors tell us not to use antibacterial Sanitizer all the time because it isn’t good for out natural cleaning antibodies? Well then why would you want to take an antibacterial medication? Think before you trust everything the docs tell you.. I hate to be the odd out of place respo der but the government isnt there to help and thats why doctors get extra money when they perscribe. Thanks and good luck.

          1. I agree with Sandra, and I am going through everything she just said right now. I had a “yeast infection” in October (3 months ago) and went to the doc who said that he wouldn’t look at it but gave me a flagyl prescription anyways. About two weeks later it came back, so I went back to the doc and he once again would not look at it so he gave me a referral to a women’s clinic who would. I got in to see the women’s clinic November 29 who finally told me it was BV not a yeast infection and that’s why nothing was working (Gotta love the Canadian health care system! NOT!). I got the antibiotics, but a week after taking them I started to get some itch back and I’m currently waiting another month to go back into the women’s clinic for a follow up appointment. I have been taking apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil baths for at least 20 minutes, then using the yogurt tampon over night with organic plain yogurt containing live cultures and the symptoms have all gone away. The apple cider vinegar is supposed to help restore the slightly acidic pH, the tea tree oil is just great for many things, and the yogurt restores the natural fluora balance of the vagina.

          2. I too have suffered from BV and oral medication should be the last result AFTER diagnosis. Let me tell you why for all the women reading there are Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections with similar symptoms to BV and yeast infections. Without proper diagnoses self natural treatment could prolong the infection and cause detrimental health issues. Ok so after diagnoses read read read and try try try each of our bodies are different and may require different methods. I personally like tea tree oil and peroxide treatments. After my period or sex I use a I scented tampon soaked in half tea tree oil and half peroxide. I’ve only needed meds once since using this method and since then I’ve decreased my sugar intake drink more water (I add lemon to my water balances acid in urine.)

  4. Well, I think I have this.
    Cause it’s itchy and it kinda hurts down there. In an uncomfortable way.
    It’s been like that for 2 days already. Is it a yeast infection?
    I was wondering if I HAD to eat regular yogurt?
    I don’t wanna put it “down below” and I was just wondering if you could eat just regular any flavoured yogurt or would that just not work?

    1. The “good” stuff in yogurt is the live friendly bacteria – some commercial brands don’t have any live bacteria, and some do. Adding sugar to your diet, along with the yogurt, might not be in your best interest, since yeast really loves sugar. although I don’t know if anyone has ever done a study to find out if it matters. The only way to know if this particular home-remedy would help is to try it – eat lots of yogurt, try to improve your internal fauna’s balance, and see if it helps. But if you don’t see progress pretty soon, you’ll want to make an appointment with your doctor.

    2. Ashley, go to the grocery store and buy organic plain yogurt. Read the ingredients. It has to have active bacteria cultures (streptococcus Thermopylae), lactobacillus bulgaricus, lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM. The website I used to research info on how to cure BV said to go to a holistic store to find non pasteurized plain yogurt and that’s because it has no sugar added. I went to a reg grocery store and got organic plain yogurt and it said to eat 1 cup daily for seven days and to really get it dealt with to paint it on the inside of vagina seven days before bed. Wear a pad to stay clean while asleep. It worked like magic. But because I wasn’t sure about using pasteurized type yogurt inside because it naturally has sugar I didn’t use it inside. But just eating it completely fixed the problem.

  5. Hi I’ve been getting yeast infections left and right since I lost my baby before pregnancy I only had 1 or 2 infections my whol life now my busband has one as well and its driving our intimate life crazy. I believe we are possibly giving it back and forth to each other. Is there a remedy for him with the yogurt? I’m going to try it vaginaly as I’ve heard great results but is there a way for him to put it on his penis or can he only just eat it by mouth. I’m really concerned because medication is only curing it for a moment. I don’t like any type of yogurt and I’m lactose but I’m willing to do anything its urgent. We are trying to get pregnant again and its hard with uncomfortable sex.

    1. Hi Ashley. With chronic yeast infections, I really think you need to be talking to a professional, who can advise you about possible changes in diet or other issues that are way beyond the capability of this blog. But if you aren’t getting the help you need from your medical doctor, try making an appointment with a naturopathic physician or holistic doctor. Give him or her all the details, get a full exam for both you and your husband, and ask lots and lots of questions.

  6. Hi,
    I just got my second yeast infection and it’s proving to be difficult to get rid of. When I had my first one, all I did was go to the drug store and get a 6 day treatment of monistat and I was fine after. However, I am currently out of the country, so I went to the pharmacy here and asked for a treatment and they game me a pill (like the ones you swallow) of clotrimazol to insert into my vagina. I did it and nothing happened, if anything, it’s only gotten worse. I’m just now trying the yogurt (Activia ‘Natural’), but if this doesn’t work I’m at a loss.

    I’ve read tons and tons of web pages on the issue and I’m not sure if it’s this one or another which mentions that some yogurts don’t actually have the bacteria needed to fight the yeast infection. Are there any particular brands you’d recommend or ingredients that the yogurt must contain to be effective?

    1. Hi Amanda. The yogurt container should have the word “live” somewhere on the label. There are a number of different brands, and each country and state will have it’s own brands. A fast Google search found a site that says your Activa yogurt contains live cultures. However, my concern is that if your depository didn’t work, you may have an infection that should really be treated by a doctor. If your yogurt doesn’t do much good in a few days, make an appointment as soon as you can.

  7. Im 13 and ive got an yeast infection and im too embarressed to tell my mum or go to a doctor. How much yogurt would you put in your vagina . plz email me i need to help me 😐

    1. Jessy, something like 85% of women get yeast infections. It isn’t something you “get” from someone else – yeast is something that floats around in the air all the time. The cause is usually a chemical imbalance caused by diet or stress. Therefore, you should tell your mum – she’s probably had yeast infections too, you know. She’s probably just too embarrassed to tell you!

      There’s a reason why getting a doctor’s appointment is important – even if the symptoms look like a yeast infection, they could be caused by something far more serious. It’s better to find out for sure. But, of course, eating some unsweetened yogurt is always good for you, regardless. That might be a good habit to get into, after your doctor has your current infection cleared up.

      Talk to your mum. Get that appointment. It’s OK – really.

    2. It really is Okay. I posted earlier about my yeast infection.
      I’m 16 and I was embarrassed to tell my mom too, but I finally did after 2 and a half days. It’s really not that bad, because she said she got them randomly when she was mt age. And she suggested that I probably caught it at school from the bathrooms.
      You could bring it up to her like “Hey mom, I’ve been having some issues down there after I went to the bathroom a few days ago…” and tell her what your symptoms are. I’m more than positive, she’ll understand and it’s not that scary anymore.

      1. I don’t think some responders are fully understanding this key element of the topic, so I will now emphasize it:
        A YEAST INFECTION IS NOT A COMMUNICABLE DISEASE. YOU DO NOT “CATCH” IT, YOU DO NOT BECOME “INFECTED” WITH IT BY A PERSON OR AN OBJECT (like the toilet). Lmao! You have GOT to be kidding me… *face/palm* C’mon, ladies. Use some common sense. Learn to use wikipedia. *smh*
        Your body produces yeast on its own, every day of your life: a yeast infection is caused by various factors like poor diet or unreasonable levels of stress, or simply the use of anti-biotics, which in turn affect the body’s ability to regulate its own yeast production. You don’t have an STD/STI, you aren’t going to die, and if some yogurt will have you healthy again in just days, save up some quarters and go buy some from 7-11 or something if you don’t wanna tell your mommy.

        1. Io, I let your comments through this time, but in the future I must ask you to be a bit more polite. This is a community where people come for advice from others, not a place where people want to be berated for not already knowing the answer to their own questions. If you cannot make your points without being rude, your future comments will be deleted.

  8. I just try the yogurt for my yeat infection and I know this is crazy but I didn’t use plain nor non-sugar, a co-worker told me it didn’t matter which can you use long as it was yogurt you will be fine… LOL. but my question is: will this arm me because I use yoplait (original) 99% fat free Strawberry with 26g of sugar. LOL. but I feel fine. Is this ok, because it’s my frist time and she said she use any kind of yogurt and it help her.

    1. Hi Peb. I can’t imagine why the sugared yogurt would hurt you, but it seems like you’re feeding the yeast with the sugar while trying to kill it with the active cultures. I’m not sure why you would want to do that, but it probably won’t hurt anything. If your infection doesn’t go away quickly, be sure to make an appointment with your doctor. Yogurt is only effective for mild cases.

      1. You… can’t… be….serious…..
        who is running this site/blog/whatever it is?

        It’s already been explained that applying sugar, which feeds yeast, causing it to grow at a MUCH faster rate, will most definitely WORSEN the infection. You’ll end up in the hospital paying top dollar so that a doctor can tell you the same thing. Why do you think that some cheap, flavoured lubricants cause infections? DUH! BECAUSE OF THE SUGAR CONTENT! I think it’s downright terrible that they aren’t teaching women about their own body from a young age. I cannot believe that girls as young as 13 are submitting posts that reflect their obliviousness to their own biology. This is why medical professionals don’t even bother to listen to most of their patients: they doubt that their patients are intelligent enough to even read a wikipedia article, or visit web md to understand what is probably happening to them….

        1. Io, in my comment I said:

          but it seems like you’re feeding the yeast with the sugar while trying to kill it with the active cultures. I’m not sure why you would want to do that, but it probably won’t hurt anything.

        2. Io, your irritation is justified, but the way you have written your comments runs a huge risk of scaring off the very people you’d like to help.

          I remember when I was a teen – I never wanted to ask anyone about this stuff and it was terribly embarassing for me. Doing the internet equivalent of yelling at people for not having better research skills simply runs the risk of making them run away from the answers altogether.

          I also don’t think that 13 year olds are ignorant if they do not know/understand anything about “cheap, flavored lubricants,” and that they may contribute to yeast infections.

          Rather than expressing your irritation in the future, you may do a lot more good if you channel that excellent energy into providing the links, helping some of these people find the right research and answers to their questions. There’s a lot of BAD information on the internet and it’s obvious that you’ve found some of the good. Perhaps you can help to point the way so that people don’t do things to their vaginas that could harm them in the process of trying to fix a yeast infection.

  9. About a year ago I got my second yeast infection of my nearly 50 year life. It hung on no matter what I did. Changed my diet, cut down on carbs and sweets. My doc would give me a 10 day prescription(plus a refill) for anitfungal oral meds, but the yeast would come back. I finally found a natural supplement that works great. I swear by it. When I don’t use it I can really tell the difference. It’s called Yeast Defense and it’s made my Nutrition Now. It works for me. Only warning about it is this: take with a meal/food because the garlic in it will make you feel like you ate am Italian Dinner -garlic burps and breath. I am not one to recommend products but this really works for me.

  10. Hi I have oral candidiasis as told by my ENT doctor. He perscribed me Nystatin to swish, gargle, and swallow for 10 days.He said that it is not bad though should clear up when I finish the bottle. I have done that and I have finished the bottle but no results. So now I am resorting to natural home remedies. My mom said that she had a yeast infection in the past and she drank nothing but Artichoke tea and water for 3 days and it was gone. I am now on my second day of drinking Artichoke tea and saw results the first day! Yesterday I ate an onion like an apple and saw that it cleared my tongue pretty well that night. I have had this yeast for about 2 weeks now and have been following the Candidia diet strongly which has been frustrating. I was was wonder if anybody know any other home remedies that I can try? I am going to start chewing on raw garlic to see if what I am reading online will work. I want to try this yogurt idea but every plain yogurt I find has milk and atleast 15g-16g of sugar! I thought sugar is forbidden since yeast feeds on it. Are there yogurt out there with 0g /none at all of sugar? I was also wondering if I can eat rice because alot of websites said that I can’t but some say I can. I love rice and need to eat it everyday but I am scared to eat it since it a form of wheat and have been holding of on it.

    Someone please reply so I can kill this and start eating again cause I am losing weight which is bad! I am already skinny!

    1. John, any plain “live” yogurt should have no sugar added. The sugar that’s showing up in the nutrition label is the natural sugar in the milk. You should have no problem with it, as long as the label says it contains live cultures.

      I’m not familiar with the Candida diet you’re on, but if they want you to stay away from wheat you should still be fine with rice. Rice and wheat are both grasses, but they are not related. If they’re trying to keep you away from high glycemic foods, you should be fine if you choose whole grain rice. I’ve never heard of artichoke tea – where did you find it? It sounds like your condition is improving. Keep us informed – maybe your mom knows about a natural cure that most of haven’t heard of yet.

      1. I thought that we are not suppose to any type of sugar at all. Also yogurt contains milk. I usually eat white rice nearly every day before this yeast occured because of antibiotics. Alot of canidida diets sites say to avoid all grains but some say that rice is an exception I am so confused. About the artichoke tea I just buy some artichoke at the store and boil in water until it looks like tea then drink. I am going to buy some probiotic capsules to increase the “good” bacteria in my body. I just want this yeast dead so that I can eat regularly again and gain my weight back! Please inform me on more home remedies that I can try.

        1. Hi John,

          The candida diet does say not to eat most grains because it contains gluten. The yeast feeds on gluten and anything starchy. All carbohydrates turns to sugar. So if you are going to do the candida diet, refrain from eating all grains. Also, you want to stay away from all fruits too because all fruits contain a lot of sugar.
          Eat only lean meats and raw veggies. Also stay away from potatoes. This diet will prohibit the yeast from growing. Now to destroy the yeast. You can take oil of oregano, noni juice, probiotic capsules, lots of water , and fiber. The best probiotic is Theralac. Best taken at bedtime. There’s also Theralac True Flora. This contains good effective bacteria, and enzymes. Chlorella is good to take too. That and the enzymes will help detox your body . Give it a try ? These natural things do work…oh and stay away from dairy as well.

          1. Hello.
            I beleive I have had an oral yeast infection since about February and I am wondering if the yogurt with help with that type of infection as well. I have gone to the doctor now and am using Nystatin mouthwash, but I’d like to do anything that will ensure it will go away. Thanks!

          2. I have AIDS and I used to get the yeast infection of the mouth a lot, after three years, it has finally come back. Took me a while to “catch on” what it was, since it had been a while since I had them. But what my doctor gave me was a medicine named Diflucan, I’m sure some of the lady’s that had their’s, the doctor would give same thing to her, but at a lower dose. I need the stronger dose because of my weak immune system. Almost a 30 year survivor, I hope I can keep on fighting.

  11. I have got some womanly issues down there again.
    I’m not sure what the heck is going on down there.
    I had a yeast infection.
    It went away.
    The next month, I thought I had it again, and then it was gone.
    And inbetween the month it’s been itching up a storm.
    I’ve scratched like no tomorrow to the point where it hurt to scratch, yet it itches still.
    And I had some left over cream and if I put it on there, the itching went away for a while.
    It’s not uncomfortable when I pee and all that, it just itches.
    I also shaved down there to see if it might help relieve the itching. No such luck.

  12. I have a question… I went to doc for a ear infection that turned into a perferated ear and a blood clot on ear drum and was givn antibiotics. I since then after bout 3 days started having burning,itching and discomfort down there. Its seems vary sore and swollen and hurts to touch it. Most pain is caused from between the vagina and the tush on that part of the skin there….soo irritated and burning that i need cold relief quite a bit. I am still having to take the antibiotics for however many days until my ear clears up. I called my ” so called low income doctor” and they said should clear up soon , so they suggested using otc meds. I bought monistat 1 day and the inside seems better but the part i was asking you about is still horrible….any advice???

    1. Hi Vanessa. You might try one of the powder products that help keep you dry. Zeasorb is one brand that people seem to like. If you get one that has anti-fungal medication in it, ask the doc to make sure the talc powder doesn’t conflict with the medication in the OTC remedy. Fungi need moisture to survive – denying them moisture should clear up the itchies fast. If it doesn’t, it’s time to make another call to the doc.

      1. Hi Vanessa,

        For the outside part of the vagina, if there is a rash that developed, you can try Desitin. It is a cream a mother would use on her infant for diaper rash. It really does work. Make sure the label states Rapid Relief creamy with zimc oxide. Also, you want to stay from citrusy fruits until you’re off the anibiotics. Citrus contributes to yeast infections when you’re on antibiotics…

  13. Hi, this is my first yeast infection, at least that’s what i think it is. I’m in a monogamous relationship and we are both very faithful to each other. It is itchy and I discharge white stuff that looks like semen; I also wiped yesterday after pee and it looked pinkish. At first I thought that my hairs were growing back so I shaved, but now since the hair is growing back it itches to the point where I just want to cry. I tried the garlic home remedy and it worked for a couple hours, but now it feels as if it got 10x worse. I am currently taking birth control pills and I was wonderin%if I needed to stop taking them for a while until this goes away. I was also eating nutella and banana sandwiches every morning for breakfast for the past 2 weeks. Any suggestions on how to make it go away? Thank you

    1. Hi Renee. I don’t actually advise people to self-diagnose their infections, because there are other beasties that can cause similar symptoms. Although some of them are sexually transmitted, many of them are not. And, more importantly, a bacterial infection can be more dangerous.

      Therefore, the first suggestion is to go to the doc and get a professional opinion. Ask her if the hormones in your pills may be putting your body out of balance. Unless you really want to get pregnant right now, stopping the pills on your own would not be a very good idea.

      Once you have your diagnosis, and you follow your doctor’s advice for getting rid of the infection, it should go away quickly. You could then read through some of the articles on preventing yeast infections to keep it from happening again.

      Good luck.

  14. Hi Jonni,
    I just started using yogurt as a topical for a bad yeast rash that is on my buttocks inner thigh and labia. I’ve done a course of topical powder Ny-stop, cream nystatin and now I’m taking Diflucan orally, 100mg on my 12th day. The yogurt has given me some relief from the weeping and seems to be starting to work. How often and for how long should I keep the yogurt on, then rinse? Also, my skin is pretty raw from the yeast infection and as I try to keep the area dry, the skin is starting to dry. Is there a something I can put on my skin to keep it from cracking that doesn’t favor the yeast? I used calendula oil and it make me feel like I just gave the yeast another moist home to thrive in. Help…suffering for months!

    1. Ouch! Since you’re taking oral medication, your yeast infection should go away without the yogurt. Did your doc give you any recommendations for relieving the discomfort while the medication has time to work? Perhaps a non-medicated talcum powder could be used if it doesn’t irritate your skin.

      I think your best bet is to call your doctor’s office and ask him/her exactly the same questions you asked here. Your doc knows your situation and should be able to give you some good advice.

      1. corn starch will help heal and dry it up any where.. when I get butt pressure sores I put it on a bed pad and sit on it….

  15. Hi Jonni,
    Do you think vanilla extract is an ok flavouring for yogurt, or is that on the “no eat” list. I’m to cut out sugar as much as I can.

      1. Hi J. Taylour,

        You can add vanilla extract to your unsweeetend plain yogurt, though, I would make sure it is pure vanilla extract with no alcohol. Also, if you want to sweeten your yogurt, you can use Stevia. It is a all natural sweetener with now sugar, and no calories. Be careful using stevia. It is a hundred times sweeter then sugar.

  16. Hi I’m 17 years old and for the past month or so have been feeling rather itchy down below. I was kind of worried about telling my mom because I don’t want her to think its some kind of std. I looked up some stuff online and my symptoms seem to point towards yeast infection. I started taking baths in epsom salt and it does releave the itching for a while. Now I read that plain yougurt works for it. If I eat plain yogurt and also apply some downstairs, will it go away? Also how often should I apply and eat the yogurt before it completly goes away?

    1. Vanessa, yogurt does help some people, but not everyone. It’s also possible that your itchiness is being caused by something other than a yeast infection, so I always suggest that you get a doctor’s checkup before trying to cure your infection on your own. Studies have shown that a large percentage of women who self-diagnose their infections get it wrong.

      Don’t worry about telling your mom, by the way. Yeast infections are not considered a sexually transmitted illness, and they bother almost all women (including your mom, probably) sometime in their lives. Hormone levels and poor diets are often to blame. Tell her you think you need to see a doctor, find out for sure if it’s a yeast infection or not, and then take your doctor’s advice.

  17. Hey,
    I’ve been having some issues down there that started in my anus and then recently spread to… other places.. I’m 15 so it was a little embarrassing to tell my mom but i made her promise not to tell my dad or make me go to the doctor. I tried the yogurt method and I’m feeling much better but I was wondering; how often I should apply it? Its starting to bother me in school and I can’t exactly scratch it there so I really just want it gone.
    I think it was caused by this new body wash I started using, are girls supposed to clean down there with soap or not? I read that if we don’t it can cause yeast infections but i also read that soap causes yeast infections too.
    This is a pain in the butt (literally for me) and if it doesn’t clear up I’m not sure what I’ll do, I don’t want my parents thinking I have and STI (and I know I dont because I’m a virgin) but can it be caused by your boyfriend rubbing his hands down there? I was wondering that but i dont think my boyfriend would appreciate me asking him to wash his hands every time we hook up.
    P.S jonni are you a doctor? because you sound very knowledgeable on the subject!
    Lots of Love <3

    1. Hi Tessa. No, I’m not a doctor. I read a lot, and I like sharing what I learn, but I’m not a professional health provider. However, I do suggest that everyone should actually see a real doctor at least for their first infection “down there,” and I think you should make an appointment with a doctor, too. That’s because so many other kinds of infections look almost exactly like yeast infections, and studies have shown that many women who self-diagnose a yeast infection really have something else.

      Plus, the medication your doctor will give you or that she tells you to buy from the drug store works a lot faster than yogurt or any other natural remedy. It sounds like you’ve had your infection for a while now, so “real” medication might be exactly what you need. I know it’s embarrassing to talk about stuff like this with a doctor, but if your doc is female, she’s probably had yeast infections herself. Almost every woman gets them. It would really be a good idea to go see her – just tell your dad it’s time for your “female” exam, and he’ll be too embarrassed to ask you any more about it.

      A yeast infection is not an STD. Wild yeast spores float around in the air and on our skin and inside our bodies all the time. They usually don’t cause any problem at all, but when they do, it really is a pain.

      About the soap – it could be a problem if there are any anti-bacterial chemicals in it, since you need the “good” bacteria to keep the yeast from becoming infectious. It’s the balance between bacteria and yeast that helps keep yeast infections from starting in the first place, so any anti-bacterial chemicals can be a problem. That includes many acne medications, too. Fragrances in soap can also cause problems by irritating tender skin, which gives a yeast infection a place to start. So take a look at the label on your soap, and try to get one that’s really just soap, with no extra chemicals.

      And make and appointment with your doctor – then you can come back here and tell us it wasn’t really all that bad. It might encourage other young ladies to be brave and get the medical attention they need.

      1. Name of medicine from doctor is Diflucan or fluconazole, I used to have to take the 200mg, If I remember correctly, the ladies get 100mg. I’ve have the oral version of it serveral times, I’m a 30 year AIDS survivor, so I’ve dealt with a bit over the years. And yes, it does heal quicker with the meds, and belive me, and defenitly not anything else. Actually only reason I was checking about the yogurt hoping it would at least help it a bit. Have to wait to sit in ER tomorrow morning, just to get to see the doctor to get the strip. Although, this time it’s in my throat too, so that may mean they do the IV Diflucan, been there done that…usually along with another medicine as a back up , but that just for me, the ladies don’t need that. I usally get the 200mg tab, because of my immune system, the ladies usually get the 100mg tabs. They’re a little costly, but I shouldn’t be much pills.

  18. Hey Jonni,
    I know that if it becomes more serious i should see a doctor and tell my dad but i wanted to try yogurt first. My dad actually wouldn’t ignore it, hes a doctor so he would try to “examine” me because he doesn’t understand how embarrassing it is.
    I think you forgot to mention how often we are supposed to apply the yogurt, and is it different for anal yeast infections? I put on a little glob and it made me smell like tuna fish when I woke up.
    There is the possibility that i don’t have a yeast infection but I would rather try solving my issues myself first, my mom doesn’t know what the signs are because shes never had one (lucky) so I’ve been getting my info from my sex-ed class in school and from the internet.
    -Tessa <333

    1. Tessa, with natural remedies, there really isn’t a recommended “dose” or schedule. You just need to experiment and see what works. Eating the yogurt is a good idea, too, along with keeping the area dry. They make special powders that you can buy at the drug store for that purpose. You can also get over-the-counter medications at the drug store that often work faster than home remedies.

      If your family situation doesn’t make it easy to get a doctor’s appointment, you might want to talk to your school nurse. She knows all about yeast infections, too.

      1. Jonni,
        So I still have one more question from before that you didn’t answer, can my boyfriend give me a yeast infection from not washing his hands before he “explores” down there? I really want to know because we’ve been trying new things to abstain from sex.

        1. Yes, Tessa, yeast can transfer from the skin of one person to the skin of another person. Since you know that you currently are carrying an infectious form of the yeast, it is actually quite possible that your boyfriend could get the infection from you. I hesitate to even mention this because so many people think yeast infections are a sexually transmitted illness, but they’re not. To be fair, though, you should definitely tell your boyfriend about your infection, and then you can decide together what would be the best way forward. He may agree with me that you should do whatever it takes to get rid of your infection quickly, which might mean using an over-the-counter medication instead of keeping up with the yogurt.

        2. Tessa, I am not sure when you posted this. I could be years late. I have been prone to bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection for decades now, with no underlying cause, apart from chronic stress. I’ve fixed my stressful situation, so I rarely get the infections now, but I’ve had them so many times I can usually tell which I have before I show outward signs of symptoms. If your nether regions smell “off” or fishy in any way, then you may have bacterial vaginosis instead. There is no OTC med that is effective for that, I’ve found (sadly). There are testing kits you could probably find at a major drugstore for $16-$20. You could have both BV and yeast at once. You really must see a doctor. Maybe your mum would take you. Why let your dad know? Your mum can smooth things over with him privately, telling him after that you’re too old to feel comfortable with him checking you. It’s her job. Your job is to get well. Go to a doctor, or a nurse practitioner (or the equivalent in your country; I’m in America). You’ve had it too long. It won’t go away on it’s own.

          Some people are just prone to it, sadly. I was told I can’t even use soap on my genitals. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. Just gently wipe it clean with a wet washcloth daily and then keep it dry. certainly never use douche, so-called feminine sprays, deodorant, or scented anything. If your vagina smells, it is not well. You’ve no need to mask it’s scent. Also, your boyfriend should wash his hands every time he touches your nether regions. Every time. It’s best if he scrubs his nails, but at least he should not touch you wig dirty hands. You should try not to irritate your infected vagina as little as possible. He shouldn’t be gouging it at all until you’re cleared up or he’ll only make it worse.

          I’m not a medical professional, but you do need to see one, and a female preferably, because she has the same “equipment” and knows better how it works (that’s my personal belief -nothing against the skill and learning of male doctors). It might also help with your comfort in discussing this and with the necessarily invasive exam. Please take my (sadly very experienced) advice.

          1. Oops. Sorry there are embarrassing typos here, the important one being “touching,” not “gouging!” I’m sure he isn’t doing that!!! I also see now your post is from a couple of months ago. You’ve likely seen a doctor by now but anyone can use this info.

          2. Jennifer, thank you so much for this advice. Even if Tessa isn’t watching this space any more (and I do hope she went to the doc and got the medication she needs) there are bound to be others who will benefit from your post.

  19. Hey jonni I’m 13 and I have white chunck of stuff in my vagina and it iches and burns but don’t smell and its been like that for a week I’m afaid to tell my mom cause she will think my ex boyfriend done something but he didn’t just wish it would go anyway thinking about telling her how sould I tell her please help me

    1. As I mentioned to Tessa, yeast infections are not sexually transmitted illnesses – since yeast spores float around freely in the air and almost everyone has yeast living on their skin all the time, you could get a yeast infection while locked up in solitary confinement. Young women are especially susceptible to them because of all the changes in your hormone levels. Too much sugar in the diet can even cause it. (More about causes here.)

      Of course, without a doctor’s exam, you can’t really know exactly what kind of infection you’ve got. Casey, since many forms of bacterial infection can look very much like yeast infections, I always suggest that you see a doctor before deciding how to treat your infection yourself. It’s the safest thing to do.

      If you’ve had an infection of some kind for at least a week, I advise you to tell your mom immediately and ask her to take you to your doctor. A quick lab test will tell her exactly what kind of infection you have, and she’ll prescribe something that will get rid of it quickly – often in a day or two. And if makes things a bit easier for you, remember that your mom has probably had at least one yeast infection herself, so she probably knows a lot more about it than you think.

  20. OK I’m not sure if Its a yeast infection, but u have a slight yellow discharge and it also smells bad. What can it be? Do you think the yogurt will work?

    1. Liah, I always recommend that you make an appointment with your doctor. That’s because the common symptoms of a yeast infection are so similar to other kinds of infections – which can sometimes be much more serious. Many people do swear by yogurt, but other people say it doesn’t work – it may depend on how severe the infection is, and whether or not your infection is caused by yeast or bacteria.

      I personally think the best idea is to get a fast lab test from your doctor to make sure you know what you’ve got, and take whatever medication the doctor prescribes or recommends. Then start eating yogurt regularly, and do the other things that can help prevent infections from coming back.

  21. Hey I’ve had two or three yeast infections since my second kid. Heard about the yogurt thing and tried it out….works sort of but how long and often must I do this

    1. Since the yogurt treatment isn’t really well-studied, there’s no set length of time for it to work. There isn’t any guarantee, in fact, that it will work at all, but some women have good luck with it. If your infection doesn’t clear up within a week, it’s a really good idea to check with your doctor.

  22. I had a chronic yeast infection off and on for many years. Everytime I went to the doctor, after taking a smear, he would perscribe a vaginal suppository, like you find OTC these days. When it continued I went to another doctor and found out that I had been over treated and now had just the opposit, I had an overgrowth and he simply told me to douche with baking soda and water. I haven’t had a yeast infection since and it has been over 10 years!! You find baking soda and water douche in your local drugstore or make your own with 1 teas of baking soda in a standard glass of slightly warm water and pour into a douche bag.

    1. Excellent comment, Karen. That’s something I hadn’t heard of before, and you’ve proven that, at least in some cases, it works! Thanks for sharing.

  23. So I had my first yeast infection about 2 weeks ago. I was doing a 7 day treatment and on the 6th day, it felt like it did before I had started the treatment with burning and itching. I finished the treatment and the next day I got my period. Four days into my period the burning and itching came back. I decided to try and eat some plain yogurt to see if that helps but it’s really bitter and gross. Is there anything I can do to the yogurt to make it taste better but still work?

    1. If your over the counter medication didn’t work, you might need something stronger than yogurt – or you may have another kind of infection that anti-fungal medication (or yogurt) can’t cure. I think your next step would be to make an appointment with your doctor.

      But for your question – I’m not a good person to ask because I love plain yogurt. Does anyone have any ideas for Kelsey?

    2. Kelsey,
      I know plain yogurt is not the best tasting. We as a society are so used to eating sweet things. Just eat a small amount and just get it down. Know that it is doing good for you. Continue to eat small amounts. Or try holding your nose while you are swallowing the yogurt. I had to do this at first butt hen got used to it. Good luck!

  24. You can eat the yogurt, or you can use one of the methods found in the article above under the title “Different methods of using yogurt for yeast infections.”

    1. Hi. for over four months iv had some sort of infection. I have tried everything to get rid of it but nothing seems to work. My symptoms are a Coating of white discharge tht won’t go away I clean it three times a day. Also the skin inside my vagina is spliting in multi places. Its also red And burns. Intercorse is extremly painful. cn anyone help

  25. I typically get a couple of yeast infections a year, so I know one when I get them! It wasn’t until I was talking with my Dominican friend that I had heard about the curative effects of directly applying the yogurt! She swears by it! And, now, after a recent ear/sinus/throat infection where my doctor prescribed me very strong antibiotics I find myself with a yeast infection. (oral antibiotics ALWAYS do this to me) In the past I’ve taken Diflucan (Fluconazole), but the doctors only ever seem to want to prescribe one pill, I fight with them and sometimes they will give me 2 pills, but it doesn’t ever seem to be enough! So, this time I’m going the natural route….at least for a little while to see if it works! I have a rather mild case, but as with any case of yeast infection it’s irritating as all get out! I liked the idea mentioned earlier in this thread about filling the fingers of latex gloves and freezing them to make suppositories….they are in the freezer as I type this! I will let you know how this works for me, as I am hoping this might be a nice natural cure for me! I am using organic Greek yogurt (plain) for the “downstairs mix-up”, and I am eating the organic Greek yogurt w/fruit (I figure I eat fruit throughout the day anyways)! So, this is kind of like my little science experiment in home remedies….and I will let you guys know how things work out! Wish me luck! =P

    1. Your doctor is probably giving you the 100mg tabs at that, being a 30 year AIDS survivor, I get the oral version of the same infection, my doctor gives me the 200mg, taken twice daily for a week.

  26. I am suffering from a yeast infection now as I type. This happened because I used the wrong soap down there. I am very sensitive to certain soaps to clean down there. Does anyone know of a good soap to use, especially after working out?

    I have the plain greek yogurt and have been eating that today. I am going to try the “yogurt popsicle”. However, even though the yogurt says plain it still has 9grams of sugar. Is that still good to use even with the small amount of sugar in it????

    1. The sugar on the label is probably coming from the milk, called lactose, and that’s fine. If there’s no sugar on the list of ingredients, there should be no problem with it. According to a new video by Dr. Lustig that I recently posted on my other site, the type of sugar that causes the most health problems is fructose, which is found in table sugar, corn syrup, and fruit juice. I’m not sure it that’s the type of sugar that yeast likes best, but a diet that avoids those three things will be much healthier, and there should be fewer yeast infections, too. Lactose in milk doesn’t have any fructose.

      1. Thank you Jonni for the quick response!!!

        The info in the video makes sense. I have perused around on your sites and love what I am seeing. Everything you write about makes sense. I love that you are bringing the sugar addiction to the forefront. Hence why some of us have an over abundance of systemic yeast infections in our systems.

        As for the yogurt for yeast infection, I will say I just tried the “yogurt popsicle”….and wow. It made a difference. No itching, stinging going on……I believe it is working. I really like to try natural things first before lending my body to all those chemicals found in medicines. Thank you, Thank you!

  27. Hello. I just finished a seven day course of Terconazole on Wednesday as prescribed by a doctor for a diagnosed yeast infection. It’s getting hotter and I’m warmer “down there” and getting sweaty, wearing cotton underwear or even none really doesn’t seem to help. Is there a powder (or other solution) you know if that could help keep me dry but not increase the likelihood of infection?

    Also, I’m worried that because of all of this increased heat and sweat that another infection will occur soon. Is it safe to use yogurt (inside you) as a precautionary measure, even when you don’t have an infection presently?

    Thank you so much!

    1. You might want to eat the yogurt instead – although using it as you suggest probably wouldn’t hurt anything.

      Some drying powders contain anti-fungal ingredients. I suggest that you as your pharmacist for a powder that will keep you dry under your clothing, and ask her (or him) if the non-medicated type would work best for you.

      1. Thank you for your quick response! I already eat yogurt three times a day though and take Femdolphilus twice and another probiotic with acidophilus twice a day too. I don’t wear underwear even, just as loose shorts as I can find. I try to keep as healthy and dry as I can. I simply don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Thanks for the suggestion about the powder though! I will look into it. Do you think taking another (I took one last Sunday to help the infection I was having) Diflucan to prevent the infection from coming back would be okay?

        1. Tabby, I’m not a doctor, so I can’t advise you about how to take your medication. A quick call to your doc’s office should help. Also, if you have recurring yeast infections, you might want to ask the doctor why – sometimes, chronic infections are the first sign that something else is going wrong. Many people are first diagnosed with diabetes, for instance, because they keep going back to the doctor with yeast infections — and chronic yeast infections are sometimes caused by a problem with the immune system or hormonal changes, or antibiotics, or chemicals in the home…

          Diet also plays a huge role. Sugar, in particular, can encourage the growth of yeast and discourage the growth of good bacteria. If you currently eat a lot of sugar or drink sodas or fruit juice, you might consider cutting down, just to see if it would help. I hope you find the solution soon – be sure to let us know if you find out anything that would be helpful to our other readers.

  28. Reporting back…. I used the yogurt “popsicle” for 3 consecutive nights….and yeast infection gone! Just thought you guys would want to hear how it went! I wanted to thank Jonni for this site!

  29. A good idea would be to try Dove sensitive soap. I thought I had a chronic yeast infection problem but I am so thankful to my Gyno that she pointed out that it may be the soap I was using and it was! It was not an infection the whole time. It was the soap that was irritating me.
    Good luck everyone.

  30. Hi, I started having problems staying fresh after the birth of my first child. I have had two more my youngest is 12 and I have noticed a over the last couples years that I can smell like dead meat rotting. I have been to the Dr. they say nothing as far as any infections. I so embarrassed. I shower everyday sometimes twice. I use vaginal soap not any harsh soaps. Still no real relief from the odor. If so it is very temporary.Sometimes I can get out of the shower and still feel as if there is an odor. I want to try the yogurt and tampon to see if it would help balance my PH levels, if that could be whats wrong. Don’t know how long to leave it in or how many days to do it, in order to see results. Can you tell me?

    1. Hi Nancy. Have you tried making an appointment with a naturopathic physician? Sometimes they take a bit more time to really dig into a problem and find out what’s causing it. If you don’t have one in town, you might try switching to another doctor. There has to be something causing this problem, even if your current doctor hasn’t found it yet.

      I’m not a doctor myself, but it seems quite likely that your problem is caused by something other than yeast. If you have a bacterial infection, yogurt won’t help — and leaving a tampon inside for any length of time with bacteria present could make the problem much worse. Eating the yogurt and cutting down or eliminating all sugar from the diet would be much safer.

      There are some products on the market that are supposed to help correct the pH level and reduce vaginal odors. One of them is called RepHresh an over the counter product. If you had a bacterial infection (I assume you’ve been tested?) your doctor might prescribe something like Metronidazole. There are lots of different kinds of vaginal infections – this page lists some of them. Since a quick test at the doctor’s office can tell you if you have any of these infections, I’m sure your doctor has already ruled it out – but I thought I’d give the link in case someone else is reading this comment.

      Good luck – I hope you find a solution soon.

      1. I hear that inserting yougurt is good for BV. I have yet to try this. But everyone that has tried it seem to be pretty well sold on this. I just have to see if it works for me..if I can ever find plain yogurt

        1. According to this site, you would probably want to get a doctor’s prescription for antibiotics, too. The yogurt acts as a supplement to get your system healthy, but I don’t think it can kill the beasties that cause bacterial vaginosis. That’s a fairly serious infection, and I can’t recommend home remedies alone. Your doctor may have a different opinion, so be sure and check with her.

  31. Lol, I had 1 recently and it cleared up in 2 days .. Lol this might be a bit embarrassing but not as embarrassing as me goin 2 the doc (well for me) .I bought plain yogurt and inserted in me with a straw .. I simply pulled yogurt in2 the straw and put it in me and yes I asked my bf to blow the yogurt in lol .. Well it worked , I got it caused I eat unhealthy .. I don’t want that shit again, its itchy and ugly , well goodluck ppl .. 🙂

  32. hi my name is keyoka i have a yeastinfection and it is bad i have little tiny bumps on my thighs and in my booty and in my vigenal is this a yeast infection yes it burns and itches also swell up

    1. I hope you made an appointment with your doctor. With an infection that intense, I wouldn’t try treating it at home.

  33. I need help Ive had a uti for 2 weeks and 2 days im sexual active and I’m in a lot of pain.and just last night my lungs started to hurt and I’m to scared to tell my mom help me please

    1. Gina, if you have a urinary tract infection, it’s too dangerous to mess around with. I know this is probably a politically incorrect thing to say, but if you’re old enough to be having sex, you’re old enough to have an adult discussion with your mom. Remember that bacterial infections aren’t necessarily caused by sex, and sex doesn’t have to be part of the discussion with your mom – the problem is your health, not your boyfriend. Nor should you try to self-diagnose your problem, so you don’t even need to call it a UTI when you talk to her. But definitely talk to her and make an appointment – today, if at all possible.

      If, for whatever reason, you really can’t tell your mom that you need immediate medical attention, stop in at your school’s nurse’s office. Or go to your local Planned Parenthood office. (That link is their UTI page, with plenty of good info).

      Let us know how it all turns out – we do wish you the best of health.

  34. I am taking a new birth control patch and used it to skip my period, like I’ve done with the pill in the past. The next day, I started to feel the notorious signs of a yeast infection. A few months ago, if not longer, I had a yeast infection and used the mobistar 7 AND got the prescription oral medication. The monistat felt like liquid fire upon application, and I don’t have insurance at the moment to see a doctor. I’m attempting the goat yogurt with live cultures now. Any other sure fire suggestions?

    1. I’m afraid there aren’t any sure-fire home remedies. But there’s no guarantee with the medications, either. Some people have had really good luck with the yogurt Popsicle, so you might try that. Birth control changes your hormone balance, so an unfortunate side effect is the occasional yeast infection. To combat that problem in the future, try to stay away from sugar and white flour in your diet, eat lots of good veggies, and get your exercise. It’s easier to fight infections when your body is healthy.

  35. what is this website associated with? a picture came up that i use for a different website when i posted a comment.

    1. Do you mean the little picture icon that shows up next to your name? I think that’s associated with your email address. Individual websites have no control over that.

  36. You can also insert the yogurt vaginally using a plastic applicator like the ones that come with contraceptive gels.

  37. I see alot of the comments. can you anyone tell what brand of yougurt they have used. I don’t really see any plain yogurt at any of the supermarkets where I live. I would love to try this but I didn’t think using a yogurt that has strawberries would be okay to use. Please list brands if possible

    1. I don’t think the brand matters. The important thing is to see “live cultures” listed somewhere on the label. The strawberry yogurt probably contains a lot of added sugar, so it may not work. Eating it won’t hurt you, but I’d be very careful about placing it on the infected area, because it could make your infection worse.

      1. See I know nothing about yogurt at all. I was told to try plain..but everything in our markets are fruit related from what I see. I have been online and I have found Mountain High Yogurt in plain but that is not a brand that is near me. So that is why I was asking what kind to use. I don’t know if that made any since.

        1. Hi, Bird. Maybe if your town has health food stores or ethnic neighborhoods or shops, you might try those. Many diets in the Mediterranean, Eastern European, Asian, and other regions are big on yogurt, and may even have an assortment of plain ones available in their markets. I have an Armenian market near me, and they are well stocked with yogurt, mostly plain. Greek food uses yogurt, and I’ve had yogurt served with Indian food, too. So maybe try some of these avenues? If you have to travel far to buy some, and are prone to imbalances in your body, then you could always learn to make your own yogurt using the last of your previous batch, so you’re never without. Do an online search for instructions and supplies.

    2. Chobani. It is a plain all natural greek yogurt and the only sugar is the natural sugar from the milk which Jonni said is fine.

    1. I think the 5g of sugar is the natural form of sugar that’s in all milk. If there’s no added sugar (which would be listed in the ingredients) it should be fine. There’s no guarantee, of course, that it will work, but it shouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

  38. Hi Jonni! Well I just got off antibiotics for the third time in 2 months for a sinus infection and ear infection and in the past week I have had horrible itching and burning around the lips of my vagina with the discharge. I ALWAYS get horrific yeast infections every time I use an antibiotic and they always feel the same way. In the past I used 7 day monistat which literally put me in the ER due to the horrific pain it put me in so I’m not allowed to use that and my husband and I have recently gotten pregnant so I can’t use Diflucan even though it’s worked wonders for me in the past. Not much else I can take while pregnant and the doctor isn’t too much help he just says to eat the yogurt as you suggested because there is no medicine made proven to be safe while pregnant for yeast infections. I have been eating the yogurt for a few days now and it’s gotten milder but not full effect so I was really hoping to try the applying in/around my vagina. My only concern is I am not suppose to use a tampon or douche while pregnant so do you have any ideas on how to try using the yogurt while pregnant? We’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year and now that we’ve had success I definatly don’t want to do nothing to hurt baby! My PH and Hormone and stress levels are so much higher than a normal pregnant womans body according to the doctor so chances of yeast infections reoccuring this pregnancy for me are high therefore I wanted to try a solution easy if it comes back and something that works!

    1. Hi Shianne. Congratulations on the pregnancy, but sorry about the yeast thing. Unfortunately, yeast infections seem to be pretty common during pregnancy, so you certainly aren’t alone.

      The only idea I have is to just apply the yogurt by hand, but there must be a better way. Any ideas, anyone? And, since you have a risk of getting more infections later, you might want to keep eating that yogurt, even after the current infection is gone. Maybe it will help your body fight off the next infection before it really starts.

      1. Thanks Jonni I do plan on eating the yogurt after the infection goes away just wanted to know how to put it on for me… Hope someone comes up with something good. Don’t know if the popsicle method would be okay or not?

        1. Oh – I forgot about the popsicles. That should work just fine. I think the reason that docs don’t want anyone to use a douche during an infection is that it can force bacteria up into the uterus, where they can do bad things. And tampons probably can’t be used right now because the same bacteria can get into the tampon material, where they can reproduce. The popsicle idea doesn’t have either of those problems, as far as I can see. And it would feel good on those inflamed tissues, too.

          1. I tried the popsicle thing recently and it was TOO COLD! Turned out to be quite painful for me. I did have one leftover plastic dispenser from the last medicine I had for my BV. I cleaned it thoroughly, and gave it a soaking in rubbing alcohol to sterilize, then I spooned yogurt into the dispenser, pushing it down into the tube with the flat end of a chopstick. Tedious, but it works. They use these dispensers in OTC yeast infection medicines too. If you don’t have one of those left over that you could clean, maybe buy the cheapest kit you can find and just toss out the medicine?

          2. Okay I’m trying the yogurt popsicle tonight 🙂 Will let you know how it goes in a couple days thanks for the help

  39. I’m pretty sure I have a yeast infection. I have the burning, some itching, and some thick, white discharge. I also have very swollen labia. Today by the end of the day, it was actually hurting/burning worse when walking. In the past when I took Amoxicillin, I ended up with a bad yeast infection. I just recently finished a round of Amoxicillin which seems to match up with when I started noticing my symptoms. So, based on my track record with Amoxicillin and just finishing some, combined with my symptoms, I’m pretty sure that its a yeast infection. I bought some over the counter yeast cream in the tube applicator and tried that earlier tonight. However, when i examined with a mirror, I noticed a “raw” area on my swollen labia. Its not round like a sore-it actually kinda looks like the skin split open. I have not been sexually active for over 2 years now and haven’t had anything like this area before. I haven’t been itching myself down there. Can the swelling from a yeast infection be bad enough to cause that, or from rubbing against a panty liner?
    Thanks for the help!

    1. Jan, that’s the kind of question that I’m not qualified to answer. Maybe you could call your doctor’s office and ask the nurse?

  40. Hi, im 16 and a virgin, and i got an infection from what i think is taking antibiotics. Ive had it for about 5 days now, but i haven’t been to any doctors because there have been no appointments available. Yesterday i tried using a clotrimazole cream, but i got a slight burning and nausea, so i quickly was it off. Ive tried the yogurt but that burned too. My doctors appointment isn’t for another two days, what am i supposed to do, its driving me crazy.

    1. Can you call your doctor’s office and ask to talk to the nurse? She might be able to suggest something that will stop the burning long enough for you to wait out the doctor’s schedule.

    1. Oh, of course they would be – I forgot the weekend was coming up. Does anyone have any suggestions that might make Helen a bit more comfortable until her appointment?

  41. hi..i found your page today and i find it very interesting.i have been battling with a yeast infection since last year.i had gone trekking with my students and since then i have been having recurring yeast infections.i went to my doc who was very sympathetic(being a lady herself) but the treatment she gave me has failed me.i went to see a gyn doc in dec but no long term effect.i saw another gyn in february and still no improvement.i have been tested for diabetes but i was negative for it.right now i have a mild yeast infection.will try the yogurt method tomorrow.

  42. Hi Alice,

    I often have very bad yeast infections too. There are many things that can trigger a yeast infection. Eating a lot of starches such as breads, cakes, pies, pototoes, rice, pasta, Anything that turns into to carbohydrates, and sugar the yeast feeds on. Even gluten, which is the protein in a lot of grains such as wheat, oats, barley etc. I wanted to get rid of the yeast (candida albican), so I went on a special diet. I stayed away from all starches, and only ate raw and steamed vegetables. I drank almond milk that didn’t contain sugar. I stayed away from sugar, starches, and gluten for a month. All that inhibited the growth of the yeast or fungus. Now to destroy it, I went to a natural health store and bought Oil of Oregano, Noni juice, Theralac and True flora probiotics ( good bacteria, that help maintain your intestines, and help fight off bad bacteria. It also helps build a heathy immune, and aid in digestion. All of these helped destroy the yeast in my body. You should try it. It is hard, but worth.

  43. Hi,
    I am in need of help. I have had the commom yeast infection symptoms for the past two weeks now. (Itching, burning, sore vulva and cottage cheese looking discharge). When it first started, it freaked me out and I immediately used the 3-day monistat treatment in hopes that it would get better. I also put yogurt in my vagina a couple of times (that made it feel better, but only for a couple of hours). Oh, and I sat in a bath with a cup of apple cider vinegar too! As it was suggested on this site, since it was my first time having those symptoms, I went to the doctor about it last week, especially since the monistat didnt really do anything. He tested, and concluded that I actually had clue cells which indicated that I had BV. He gave me a weeks worth of pills to take and said it should clear up in a few days (and it did a little), but sure enough, yesterday it feels the same as before I started the medication. It hurts, burns and itches so badly. I cant sit, stand or even lay down without it irritating me. I am now thinking that maybe I did have a yeast infection, and was treated for the wrong thing. I called up to my doctor’s office, and they cannot fit me in for a follow up until late next week. They acted as if it was no big deal. But until then, what should I do? I am in so much discomfort and need some type of relief. Im afraid that if I keep self treating, that I will make it worse…any suggestions??

    1. Sheri, it’s also possible that your infection is caused by bacteria that are resistant to the particular medication that your doctor gave you. He may need to prescribe something stronger. Until then, it doesn’t make sense to try any more of the self-help or OTC treatments for yeast infections, since you already tried that and it didn’t work. Is there, by any chance, an urgent care clinic in town? They usually take walk-ins, but they’re more expensive and they aren’t usually covered by insurance. Or perhaps you could call the doctor’s office back and ask to talk to the nurse – she might have a bit more compassion for what you’re going through, and perhaps she could fit in an appointment a little sooner.

      One last option is to look in the phone book and find a nurse practitioner who has her own practice, or a local naturopathic physician. It’s possible that they might be able to get you in sooner, and the lab test that was already done could be faxed over to their office.

      Good luck.

      1. Sheri, it is possible that the antibiotic that you were taking to treat your BV caused you another yeast infection. I get a yeast infection every time I take an antibiotic. It is so annoying, and extremely uncomfortable. If this is your first time, I really do think you should see a doctor. Some of us are sadly more experienced than others at this and can do some pretty darned accurate guesswork ourselves. Thank your lucky stars that you are having to see a doctor to determine it! So, unless you have some other underlying medical condition that is doing this, it’s possibly just that your yeast is back, because the antibiotic threw your system off, killed off good bacteria with the bad (it always does that) and has allowed the yeast to run rampant. The sooner you see your doctor, the sooner you can be done with it.

        Oh, one last thing: if you do take another yeast medicine, I find the 3-day one works best for me. 1-day may not get it all with one go. 3-day mostly kills it on the first day, sweeps away the remaining bits the second day, and then the third day is just to make absolutely certain. The 7-day is more gentle each day, and you don’t get that initial flare-up as the yeast fights the medicine, but I’m too impatient to wait that long anymore, especially after 10 days of being out of commission with a BV infection.

        1. Jennifer,
          I believe you may have a point about the possibility of the BV antibiotic causing another yeast infection..I believe I had one, then it must have went away once I saw the doctor..then it came back I guess. I am allergic to penicillin and related antibiotics, but one has never cause a yeast infection. I still have some of the OTC meds(cream) left, but hopefully I can hold out from using that becsue Im afraid itll get worse from using so many things. Being curious about my own body, I knew about BV and yeast infections, but now I can say I feel your pain because now I know first hand how it feels!!

  44. Thank you for your quick response! Unfortunately I did speak with a female nurse about my issue and he had no compassiona at all (military facility).I will definitely look around to see if there is a place that can see me sooner. This just HAD to happen on a weekend! I am trying to be patient but if I cant hold out until monday when I call around, I’ll just go to the urgernt care..thanks again for the advice.

  45. When i went to the doctors, they prescribed a clotrimazole cream, but it turned out i was allergic to it so i washed it off and didnt use it. Instead i had hot baths with salt everynight, and now its gone. Thanks for the help anyways.

  46. Hi everyone, Im so glad I found this site. I’ve read all the posts. Couple of days ago, I found out I have YI for the second time. The first time I had YI was when I was a sophmore in High School. I had YI from using OB brand. NEVER again will I use them it went away on its on. 5 years later recently, I started to noticed the syptoms such as mild internal itching, and a white cottage cheese like discharge like before. I went to see a doctor and he confirmed that I have YI. I took Dulifun orally and brought Monistat 3 (4%) prescribed by the Dr of course. (It was my VERY first time to take Dulifun and taking Monistat) I only used Monistat for 2 days. It was rather unbearable I must say. I refused to continue for the 3rd day. It is intolerably unacceptable to go through that again its ridiclous. I am now eating yogurt (La Yogurt my favorite personally and yes it has live and active culture in it) I eat fruits/vegetables, drink water, iced tea, hot tea, sometimes juices (as for sodas? occassionally). I don’t eat alot of junk food though. As for my menstrual cycle, I preferably use very light scented tampons (less messy and smelly) rather than pads because I can be heavy at times, but I don’t use tampons often. I don’t know how I have YI however, that’s at least of my concern. Im more concerned about how I can get rid of it. I’m worried that it may not go away and keeps on coming back as I get older. What can I do?

    1. Lala, I’m not sure you can get a yeast infection off a brand of tampon. If your vagina us irritated it might increase your chances of an infection. So, maybe if your hands weren’t clean when you inserted the tampon (you don’t use an applicator with that brand, right?), or I know I could never think of using a sented tampon or even pad. Talk to your doctor about the tampon brand thing, but I’m fairly certain those are made and packaged hygienically. Maybe it was just a timing thing? Sometimes a yeast infection is triggered by the monthly hormonal changes related to the menstrual cycle (ovulation, period, or returning to normal after the period). Sometimes it’s stress. Sometimes it’s irritation (from too-tight clothes, rough treatment, scented products, dirty hands, and more). Sometimes it’s diet. From a brand of tampon with an excellent reputation, and one that has been used for decades? Doubtful.

      1. I think I’ve heard that the OB brand is super-absorbent, and for that reason it might cause tiny injuries to the vaginal wall. This would give infective Candida a chance to take hold. But I haven’t read anything about it for years, so I may be mistaken.

    2. Candida diet will prevent your YI from getting worst, and noni juice, pure cranberry juice, probiotic capsule, oregan oil, are some natural products that will get rid of the yeast itself….

  47. This is a very interesting topic. I seem to think I have yeast infections all the time. There is no itching or discomfort, just the yeast smelling discharge. My doctor tested my sugar and my pap came back normal. I’m kinda lost as to what this is but I would like it to go away so maybe my guy wants to explore down there without the “weird taste” as he says. Help!

    1. Karen, I don’t think they test for Candida yeast in a pap test. You might want to ask for a lab test that specifically looks for yeast or bacteria. Once you have those results you’d have some idea about how to proceed. Without that test, there’s really no way to know what is causing the problem. I suggest that you ask your doc to do the test, and she should have some recommendations for you after the tests come back.

  48. i had a doctors appointment a couple months ago and i was told i had a small yeast infection. it went away and now its back. i was wondering how would u be able to tell how bad it is and would it be best to use otc medicine first. the pain comes and goes. there would be days where theres no pain or any type of symptoms besides the discharge. would that qualify as a mild infection? my boyfriend wants me to try home remedies first but im not sure it would actually help. i dont have enough money to buy a test to see and treatment. what should i do? ps wearing loose clothing helps the pain and itching stop. should i continue to wear loose clothing untill it is officially gone?? i have another appointment at the end of this month but i dont want to wait that long to have my doctor recommend medication with bad side effects.

    1. Amber, the only thing I can really say is that wearing loose clothing is a good idea, and eating some yogurt won’t hurt anything. Most of your other concerns really would need a health professional to answer. You can try home remedies, but there’s no guarantee they will work.

    1. Two similar questions right in a row – and I’m afraid I don’t have a definitive answer. I can’t see why it would hurt anything, but I’m not a doctor, of course. Does anyone else have some advice for Keandra and Angel?

    2. Hi Angel,
      I’m Angel, usually, when you are on your cycle, all the blood draining out of you, will clean you out. You can drink pure cranberry juice ( with no high fructose corn syrup, or other sugars, not even mixed with other fruit juices) , you don’t want any added sugar. You can buy stevia, or xylital( all natural sweeteners with no sugar), to sweetened your cranberry juice. By itself, it’s really sour. The reason why you want to use all natural sweeteners is because chemical substances that are added to no calorie sweeteners can add to your yeast infection. Drink it all day long. Also be sure to drink a lot of purified or bottled water as well. The cranberry will help kill it, and along with water will help your body flush all that junk out. When you are done with your cycle, eat some all natural plain yogurt. Brands like Brown Cow, Stonyfield, Chobani, Fage…all are with natural ingredients. Also, go to a health food store, and buy probiotics. You can take the capsules before bed time, also, it would be a good idea to stick a capsule up your vagina to restore the vaginal flora. It’s very important to restore and replenish good bacteria in your vagina, and your intestines because they maintain it to keep it healthy, and to fight off the bad bacteria. Try this, it really does wonders for a yeast infection:) Also, it’s preventative as well.

  49. i’ve been having sex with my boyfriend for a while now and we use condums but there are sometimes that we dont. and for the past couple of days i have been feeling ichy and buring down there but there has been no discharge and i looked it up and it looks like it is yeast infection. this is my first time and im freaking out and i told my mom, (she doesnt know that i still have sex) and she made my an appt. but my question is, is it normal to not have discharge and does that still make it a yeast infection, or could it be somehting different?

    1. Krissy, whether there’s a discharge or not, there’s really no way of knowing what kind of infection you have until your doctor takes a look and perhaps does a lab test. There’s a rather long list of bacterial infections that look very much like yeast infections, and research has shown that women misdiagnose their own infections about 50% of the time. So it’s a good thing that your mom made that appnt. for you.

  50. Hi Jonni! I came across this site last month when I had my first yeast infection. It was a couple of days before my period and my vagina started itching like crazy so I bought the 3 day monistat it went away after the 2nd day and I had my period.

    But like 2 days after my period the itchiness came back again. This time I went to the doctor and she confirmed I did have yeast but she wasn’t sure if it was starting or going away, I guess it wasn’t a major infection but I still wanted the itchiness to stop so she said she would prescribe diflucan. And after like 3 or 4 days the symptoms went away.

    Now after my period my vagina started itching again. I’m so afraid I’m going to have to go through this every month after my period. I bought cotton undies, I let my vagina air dry after I take a shower, and I’ve been eating yogurt (activia) but I guess I need something stronger. My question is what do you think of probiotic pills? I found this one on Amazon:

    Fem-dophilusTM Women Fem-dophilusTM contains two patented and clinically proven probiotic strains, Lactobacillus GR-1TM and Lactobacillus RC-14TM discovered and developed by Dr. Gregor Reid and Dr. Andrew Bruce at Urex Biotech. Over 20 years of research supports the oral use of GR-1 and RC-14 to colonize and protect the vaginal tract. Clinical trials have shown that GR-1 and RC-14: -Help to maintain or restore a healthy vaginal flora which is important in maintaining vaginal health -Support the health of the urinary tract.

    It has good reviews but I would like to know your opinion, you seem to know so much about the subject.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Jessica, I don’t’ have any experience with the probiotic pills you mention, and I’m not a health professional. However, since yogurt helps so many people and this pill seems to have strains of the same types of healthy bacteria, it wouldn’t hurt to give them a try. Please let us know if they help or not.

  51. I will let you guys know. In the meantime I took a another diflucan pill yesterday but since it can take a couple of days to work what do you recommend for the itchiness? It’s driving me crazy! I’m planning on going on a road trip tomorrow so I probably can’t put yogurt down there hehe.

  52. Someone asked for a better way to deliver the yogurt into the vagina – I use a syringe such as the ones used for infants medicine. Simply insert the closed syringe into the yogurt container, suck up a tsp or so, and insert the same way one would a tampon, push the plunger closed. Remove, wash in warm soapy water for the next day’s use – works like a charm!

  53. Am I the only one who’s annoyed about not finding a holistic/natural cure methods to combat BV? My partner and I are trying for a family but after 2-3 days of intercourse without a condom the BV symptoms appears, fishy smell. I really find it embarrassing and annoying and feel so dirty and have to use clindamycin as I am allergic to metronidazole. Has anyone used the live yogurt, apple cider vinegar to bath with or garlic suppositories as an alternative treatment because I am truly at my wits end now?

    1. Francis, if you’re trying to get pregnant, I wouldn’t advise a home cure for any type of bacterial infection. If that’s what you have, it could affect your reproductive organs. Have you talked to your doctor about this? If there’s a naturopathic physician in town, or a holistic doctor, they can help you find something that will get rid of the bacteria without using antibiotics, if possible. For just a few of the problems that BV can cause, check this page.

  54. Hey Well im 16 and i have an yeast infection but it doesnt itch or burn anymore it will jus a bit wen i asy a bit jus a bit then thats it but it still come out looking nasty but does it mean its goin away if it isnt burning or itching anymore ….

  55. Hi all!!
    Thanks for the Infos!
    Basically I’m 19 and a virgin, but I’ve had this really fishy bad odor down there since i was 16! And I have yellowy discharge too! I’ve ruined lots of panties already! And I really want to get rid of this using natural remedies!

    I want to try this yogurt coz I have a plain Greek yogurt in my fridge, but I just have a question about how to properly do it…lol

    Okay, we don’t have a sterile gloves available so I cant use the Popsicle technique
    I’ve never used tampon before and I’m scared to use it, so I can’t do that either
    But someone mentioned using a syringe! I think that might be the best way to put yogurt in there! So I’ll try it out..
    But my question is, how long would I leave the yogurt in there!??
    Do I leave it on overnight? And after I wake up, do I wash it out??
    Or do I leave it in without washing it out??
    Won’t I get infection if I leave it in there without washing it out??
    Would I feel icky the whole day??
    Please help!!
    Really urgent question I need answer too…

    I want to feel confident with my vagina too! It really makes me feel embarrasss…

  56. I am now suffering with yeast infection,i have been to my doctor,and she gave me tablets that i insert inside vagina for 3nights,after i feel good but then after few days it comes again,what should i do treat this very itchy vagina..I wanna feel confident like before,now i am always discomfort feeling.. Need your advice..

    1. Hi Geng,
      You can drink pure cranberry juice ( with no high fructose corn syrup, or other sugars, not even mixed with other fruit juices) , you don’t want any added sugar. You can buy stevia, or xylital( all natural sweeteners with no sugar), to sweetened your cranberry juice. By itself, it’s really sour. The reason why you want to use all natural sweeteners is because chemical substances that are added to no calorie sweeteners can add to your yeast infection. Drink it all day long. Also be sure to drink a lot of purified or bottled water as well. The cranberry will help kill it, and along with water will help your body flush all that junk out. Eat some all natural plain yogurt. Brands like Brown Cow, Stonyfield, Chobani, Fage…all are with natural ingredients. Also, go to a health food store, and buy probiotics. You can take the capsules before bed time, also, it would be a good idea to stick a capsule up your vagina to restore the vaginal flora. It’s very important to restore and replenish good bacteria in your vagina, and your intestines because they maintain it to keep it healthy, and to fight off the bad bacteria. Try this, it really does wonders for a yeast infection:) Also, when consistently doing so, on a daily basis, it’s preventative as well. In regards to your itchy vagina, you can purchase pure virgin coconut oil from a local health food store, or you can buy it online. Rub some topically all over your vagina, and also rub some inside as well. When you use the bathroom, wipe yourself clean, and rub with coconut oil again all over, and inside. Two or three times a day is good enough. Coconut oil has caprylic acid, and it kills the candida yeast infection. It’s awesome stuff!

  57. Hi
    Im a virgin and 13. Well my area has been itching for two days now and I really wanna try the yoghurt remedy and I was just wondering , can you just put it around the skin and not insert it in the hole ? And if I do eat the plain yoghurt , in how many weeks will the infection go away ? Oh and IF you don’t have the infection and still put the yoghurt around and eat it , will it be bad or good ?
    Thanks ! This page was really helpful!

    1. Hi Nicole. There’s no guarantee that yogurt will make an infection go away, but to use it, put the yogurt where it itches. Or eat it, preferably without sugar. How long it takes to work is totally up to the individual infection, and the general health of the individual. Some infections need stronger medication, which you can get at the drugstore or from your doctor. Eating yogurt won’t hurt anything, whether you have an infection or not. I can’t see why putting it on your skin would hurt, either, but I’m not a doctor.

    2. Hi Nicole,
      Having a yeast infection is not always from someone having sex. My daughter, when she was five years of age, had yeast infections consistently. The reason, was because she ate a lot of sugary cereals, candy, juices, and sometimes, I am sure her grandparents would sneak and give her sodas. They baby sat her, and that is the way they ate. Not very healthy, plus they never drank good water. It was always from tap. Keep in mind there are a lot of things that can trigger a yeast infection. As for using yogurt topically, first may I ask you, are you itchy on this inside, and out, or just itchy on the outside. If you are itchy on the outside, then yes, you can just apply yogurt all around the outside of the vagina. Or if you have a rash on the outside, you can apply Desitin. which is a cream that comes in a tube, and mothers use it for their baby’s diaper rash. Make sure it says Desitin with Zinc oxide. If you go to the bathroom, wipe up and clean yourself, dry up, and apply Desitin again. Do this until your rash, and itching goes away… If you are itchy inside, and out, then inserting yogurt inside, will be very helpful, and relieving. Eating yogurt on a daily basis is very beneficial for your immune, as well as to aide or prevent yeast infections.

  58. I will vouch 100% on plain yogurt being a great cure and preventor of yeast infections. I freeze the yogurt in an ice cube tray and 2x per week, insert 1 cube before bed. Make sure to wear a maxi pad. It really isn’t too messy and I have not had a yeast infection since. I truly feel my vaginal health is at an all time high. Color, odor etc……everything has improved. Just remember….plain…no flavor yogurt 😉

  59. Umm… so my girlfriend went to the doctors yesterday and she did in fact have a yeast infection. We didn’t have sex but were fooling around. Their was some direct contact with my penis rubbing against her down their but i never went fully inside her. I’m kind of just paranoid if i might have one too. I have verry verry little red dots on my fore skin when i pull it back.(I’m not circumsised) Peeing doesn’t burn etc. But i was just wondering can guys do this yogurt method too? I deffinately don’t want to go to my mom cause its rare for guys to have a yeast infection and my moms gonna be like wtf wherd you get a yeast infection. And lets say its not anything at all and i put yogurt on it , nothing bad will happen right?

    1. I have no idea if you have a yeast infection or not, but I’m pretty sure yogurt won’t hurt anything. However, it might not make the spots go away, either. If not, make an appointment with your doctor.

    2. Hi Marco,

      It is possible for man to catch a yeast infection from his girlfriend or wife. Does it itch? If it does I would suggest Desitin with zinc oxide. I would suggest that every time you go to the bathroom clean it out, dry it then reapply the Desitin throughout the day and night til the red bumps go away. I would also like to suggest drinking a lot of purified or bottled water, and pure cranberry juice with absolutely no sugar added sugar or fruit juices. You can dilute it a bit with water and sweeten it with stevia. Just go by taste to sweeten it. Give it a try:)

  60. Hi,
    I have had a yeast infection for over a month now. I have been to doctors and received a lot of different medication including crotrimazol, terconidazol, and fluconazol. None of these worked to get rid of it. While I was taking the medications I was also drinking lots of yogurt with live cultures. Now , after so much medicine, I am only doing the yogurt diet and taking garlic pills. I usually have yogurt orally and also apply vaginally all night. I am beginning to feel better but I have noticed my discharge has increased. Does yogurt make discharge increase? I read that you shouldn’t have anything that has dairy products in it, so I wasn’t sure if this may be the reason.

  61. I am 17 and not sure if I have a yeast infection.
    I don’t itch
    I have always discharged for as long as I can remember.
    But lately it will be kinda gooppy and whiteish for a few days, then it will go back to clear normal discharge. Then a few days later it is back to the gooppy white stuff.
    I can’t talk to my mom about this cuz she will think I got it for sex. And she can’t know that I am having sex. Please help. I’m desperate

    1. Cierra, yeast infections are not considered a sexually transmitted illness. The spores float around in the air, and they are present on everybody’s skin. I’m mentioning this because the only way to know if you have a yeast infection is to be tested by the doctor – and at your age the doctor shouldn’t be telling your mom why you went there, anyway. If you can, make an appointment today.

  62. Ok I just got off of taken penicillin for when I had my wisdom teeth removed. An think it has given me a mild yeast infection. So I started takesing a garlic pills and eating plane yogurt , I am also using monostat 3, apple viniger with the mother in a dayly bath at night mostly. Should this work or is it over kill to use all of this at once??? I am also trying this azo anti-yeast pills but not as much as it says take them in the directions on the box. Thay seem to help meds get through the day as far as the itching and discomfort go the azo takes the edge off.

    1. With as many things as you’re taking, I think it might take someone with a degree in biochemistry to determine what effect they’ll have. I don’t think the yogurt has anything that could react adversely with the monostat, but I’m not sure about the garlic or azo. A quick call to your doctor’s office (ask to talk to the nurse) might be a good idea.

      1. i only say this because in the past when i was 15 and not sexually active at all ( i am 27 now)i had a yeast infection that was so bad that it did not go away at all an the stuff the doc used to treat it i was vary allergic to an i ended up getting hospitalized for taking it. so ya i called my doc they say it should be OK as long as i dont over use the azo but the garlic an yogurt should be fine no mater what the amount is. the one that happened when i was 15 was caused from swimming in my pool for long periods of time. i was vary sick an it really sucked and because if that i have to be vary careful to not cause it to happen again because i cant use the meds that they give to treat a full blown infections like that because they dont work an make me sick. i have been on that diet to prevent yeast for a long time with a few exceptions i can eat like any one else. i just watch my sugar in take an stay away from pop an candy all together. and so far it seems to work i think what i am dealing with now is vary small compared to what i have had in my past and should be gone with in a few days a week tops an if i watch what i eat for the next month or two i should be in the the clear again.

        thank for the help an the advice

  63. Okay I got an antibiotic for a infection in my mouth and since I started taking it I’m gettin a little itchy down there. They gave me Clindamycin pills. But I’m scared it might be BV but I read up that Clindamycin is used to treat BV, so do you think it’s still possible to get BV while I’m on an antibiotic used to treat it, or it is just probably a yeast infection, also can’t bladder infections cause itchy syptoms? I’m sooo confused!! I drink the DanAvtive Immunity drink everyday, I’ve never done the yogurt I’ve always either gotten monistat or diflucan prescription. How much yogurt should I eat a day and exactly what kind. Like should is have absolutely no sugar and how much should I put “up there” or is there no limit? I just want to do it 100% correctly and if it doesn’t work I’ll go to the doctor

    1. I have suffered from many urinary track infections over the years. Most commonly I have a hard time peeing and it will burn to pee. I also get intense lower back pain with it and sometimes feel sick to my stomach too. But I have never had itching associated with a uti ever. I would get a uti test kit that you can buy at any drug store just to be shore. Cranberry juice works well to fix it however I am alirgic to it so I just use what my doctor perscribes for me to treat it and I am ok within a week. Call your doctor and tell her what your feeling she will know what to do best. I would cut back on the dan-active and just try eating just plain yogurt mixed with real honey for a few days eating it at bedtime works best for me. Iam just now getting over a yeast infection and it works grate. I highly recommend that you do not use things like monostat until you know 100%that you do infact have a yeast infection and that that is what it is. Otherwise using things like monostat can cause a yeast infection because it will nock off the ph balance inside of you. Or so I am told by my doctor.

      1. Hi Beegirl27,

        If you are allergic to cranberry juice, if you are near a whole foods store, see if they have Oregano Oil capsules, or Noni juice. These helped me a lot. Also, I would like to suggest not adding honey to your yogurt, it contains sugar, and the yeast feeds on sugar. Try Stevia, or Xylitol instead. These worked best for me:) Oh, and with my yeast infections, I normally would itch down there because of the yeast coming out, irritating, and making the outside of the vagina raw and infected. No back pain though, either. Your back pain, and you’re not itching, could maybe mean you have a bladder infection instead of a UTI. I would definitely see a Gynecologist, or a Natural Path first before trying any home remedies.

    2. Hi Shaina,

      I would strongly suggest you go and see a Natural Path. Meantime, you can consume as much yogurt as you like. However, I would make sure it is pure. With no sugar added, no dyes, no chemically derived preservatives. Brands like Stonyfield Organics, Chobani, Fage, Brown Cow, are all great brands. If you need to sweeten, I would use something that is all natural and has hardly or no, sugar at all. You can use Stevia and Xylitol. Both all natural. Careful with the Stevia though, it is a hundred times sweeter then sugar. It would be great for you to drink a lot of purified, or bottled water, and pure cranberry juice to help flush out all toxins. replenish with Yogurt, or if you don’t want to eat so much yogurt, you can take probiotic capsules from health food stores. You can also stick a capsule up your vagina instead of using yogurt. You can try these things, they were all very helpful to me:)

  64. Hi, I love this article,
    I just have a few questions.
    Would this work for a bacterial infection, because i don’t know the difference my doctor said i had a bacterial infection and a yeast infection. currently my yeast infection has been calm, but the oder seems stronger. I have used over the counter as well as yogurt.
    I wanted to know how many times does one apply the yogurt into the vagina in a day?

    1. I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think yogurt will help a bacterial infection. And bacterial infections are sometimes quite serious, so this is really a question your doctor should answer. Over the counter yeast infection medications are not intended to treat bacterial infections, which require antibiotics.

  65. Hi Becky,

    You can definitely still use plain pure yogurt to insert into your vagina. Make sure the yogurt doesn’t have any sugar added to it, or no dyes, and chemically derived preservatives. Those will definitely kill off the good bacteria. That is why you want to use yogurt in the first place, because of the good bacteria that is in yogurt. It restores the natural flora into your vagina. It is also a very good thing to consume this type of yogurt as well. When you do, you are replenishing the body of good bacteria, which fights off the bad. It also, may helps your body break down all foods that you ingest. Good bacteria or probiotics, may also help your body absorb nutrients from foods that you consume. Also, a good immune booster. Definitely, I would strongly suggest you see a natural path for your health issues… If you don’t like yogurt much, there are probiotics in capsules at health food stores you can take instead. Also, drinking a lot of purified, or bottled water is good to flush out toxin, such as bad bacteria. Pure cranberry juice may be another good source to kill and flush those out as well. I drink a lot of pure cranberry juice too. I dilute it with water, and sweeten it with Stevia, which is a natural sweetener. Oregano Oil, Noni Juice are some other good sources that have helped me with my yeast infections. I hope all these helped.

  66. Hi everyone,
    I came across this site looking for HELP! I have had a yeast infection for about a month now. It started a little before I began antibiotic for wisdom tooth removal and got worse. I have had over 6 YI this year alone. Currently the doctor will only prescribe me diflucan. It does absolutely nothing. I am on my 5th pill and no relief. The doctor also told me to try Monistat 3 day treatment along with the oral meds. Nothing. I have been suffering since December and the doctors around here won’t help. I have azo yeast pills those USED to help but no longer have effect. I’ve started eating yogurt twice daily (day2) no.relief yet, but it has 11g if sugar is that a problem? It says lice cultures…probiotic right on the carton. The doctor told me to bathe with baking soda to balance my PH levels. But I’ve also heard this can make it worse. I eat lots of sweets and bread foods and I am trying to cut back but its embarrassing to explain to everyone oh I can’t eat that. I had a blood panel done Friday to check.for.diabetes but haven’t heard anything. I need help.

  67. I used yogurt and it seemed to take the oder away. My doctor said that the order usually comes from a bacterial infection as well as the discharge. Using plain yogurt helped relive all my symptoms while my medication was in the process of working. I have to say I really recommend using the plain yogurt I made sure it said it have live bacteria in it and that it have no sugar or chemical preservatives. This article helped me out so much! I felt so self conscious and even scared that it was something serious. but luckily both my bacterial infection and yeast infection weren’t!. Thanks for this article

  68. Hi, everyone. I just wanted to add that I never get yeast infections but recently got one and looked up on a medical website what caused them as I haven’t been swimming or doing anything differently than usual. The top 2 reasons women get yeast infections on the list were 1.) antibiotic usage, and 2.) high levels of estrogen such as in hormone replacement therapy or high levels of estrogen during pregnancy or IVF. Well, that explained it for me as I had two procedures back to back that required antibiotic therapy for 3 weeks straight. (antibiotics kill the good bacteria in the intestinal tract – lactobacillus or acidophillus) I had also been on estrogen pills for IVF. Well, just to let you ladies know, they do make pills that you can take that contain the same live cultures that yogurt does. I bought two different ones. One is called Azo Yeast and the other is called Acidophillus. They both contain live bacteria to replenish what has been lost. You can buy them anywhere they sell over the counter meds. Usually by the vitamins and herbal supplements. It’s been two days and I’ve definitely noticed it’s getting better. I think any remedy will take a few days to cure it. Good luck!!!!!

  69. Hi everyone,

    I had asked about taking probiotic pills when I had a yeast infection in July. Well I bought them last month and I still got a yeast infection this week.

    It all started in March and since then I’ve had one before or after my period. It’s worse when I get it before because if I treat it then it will just come back again after my period.

    I’ve taken diflucan & monistat and they take care of it but then I get it again the next month. I was just tested for diabetes and it came back negative. I also insert a probiotic pill vaginally & use yogurt when I get the symptoms. They are helpful but don’t cure it.

    I’ve also taken preventive measures, I ditch my birth control pills, eat activia, take probiotic pills, use cotton panties, let my vagina dry after a shower & drastically cut sugar from my diet. And even though my husband has no symptoms I make him wear a condom the few times we can have sex. This has ruined our sex life which sucks bc I’m only 24.

    Since I don’t have insurance this is getting expensive. Can you please tell me what kind of tests I should ask my dr. to run? Or what kind of treatment is available besides diflucan? This is obviously not normal, and I’m usually very healthy, I just don’t know what’s wrong with me 🙁

    1. Jessica, your doctor should be the one to decide which tests to run. Have you talked about all these issues with her? The most important thing to know is if you have a real yeast infection, or perhaps you have a bacterial infection that anti-fungal medications can’t treat. After that, you’d want some advice about lifestyle changes, although it sounds like you’ve already done most of them.

      For more specific advice, you’ll need a doctor or a naturopathic physician or a nurse. We do wish you the best – I hope your problems are all cleared up soon.

  70. Ok so I have read almost all the questions ppl have asked on here. Im not sure if this has been asked.. so here it goes. I am 25. I have three children. I have a tubal so I dont use birth control. I have had BV about three times in the last 6 months. I have went to the doctor and been tested for everything possible. Everytime I get it.. I take the antibiotics and it clears up and then I get a yeast infection from that. It seems like everytime my husband and I are intiment I end up with BV all over again. Btw my husband is the cleanest person ever. He showers like 3 times a day and always before we are intimate together. Also he has been checked for everything as well. I was just wondering if by taking baths in the vinegar will help me from gettin the BV back again. I know it may not prevent it.. but I was hoping maybe it would just help keep my ph balance at a norm. any information would be helpful.. thanx

  71. Hi Jessica,

    I am very sorry, I really feel for you. Your case sounds really bad. If I was you, I’d try the Candida diet. You can google it. Also, I would strongly suggest you to see a Naturopathic doctor. Most Medical doctors are not very familiar with Candida yeast infections. Medical doctors will prescribe a medicine that won’t get rid of the yeast for good. It will only temporarily get rid of it. A Naturopathic doctor can help you get rid of it permanently, and guide you with the diet, and to maintain a healthier you. So, if you feel your health is worth it, please go and see one.

  72. Disclaimer: This is just my experience and opinion only, I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv. Seek medical advice from a licensed physician for your particular health problem.

    Just wanted to share some things with everyone since I’m currently under a doctor’s care for a complicated yeast infection.

    I have a vaginal yeast infection, also a UTI, and my doctor had to treat the UTI first. She’s a GYN and forewarned me that treating the yeast while on antibiotics would be fruitless, that I would have to wait until the antibiotics ended to treat the yeast and that it would be far worse by then. Yep. It was.

    She gave me a steroid cream to apply down there to help the symptoms (just not cure the problem) and told me if I must, to freeze yogurt and apply it to the affected area. (by the way, you can use artificial sweetner for those of you eating yogurt)

    I’m currently doing the 7 day monistat for the internal problem of yeast. However, since mine had been left untreated because of UTI and antibiotic, it has spread to the panty line. So it gets complicated. This happened to me before, so I knew the protocol. Alcortin Gel goes on that rash (this is a MARVELOUS creamy gel, by prescription only, it has an anti-fungal, cortisone and aloe vera gel in it and it evaporates after drying so it is better than any ointment, cream, ect for this problem) then once it dries, a few minutes later, a dusting of Zeasorb Prevention powder to absorb the moisture that will happen, cause it always does, in the creases of this panty line area. My dermatologist recommended that one.

    Zeasorb Prevention is a one of kind powder, do not get the one with the anti-fungal in it, just the plain one. You don’t want to over do it or mix anti-fungals because a reaction could happen in your underwear. This one is unique because it doesn’t have starch in it…why you might ask…because starch feeds yeast and fungus. Dermatologists highly recommend it and I’m a firm believer in it.

    One time I had to take an anti-yeast/anti-fungal by mouth for a really nasty infection before I was properly diagnosed, but not since. This time for me might be an exception, don’t know yet. Stupid UTI and antibiotics really messed me up!

    Good luck y’all!

  73. P.S. to my previous post…….

    My doctor said many things can cause yeast infections. Hormones fluctuating, diabetes (and a quick check doesn’t get it, you need a GTT test “Glucose Tolerance Test”), taking antibiotics, sex partner giving it to you, moisture accumulating from sweating down there, tight clothes, unbreathable panties, ph being off balanced. It can be a number of things. Trial and error is about all you can do to find out what’s triggering you.

  74. Hey there ! I’m 5 weeks pregnant and I have a yeast infection , I managed to get an appointment with the gyny for next monday but in the mean time can some one help cause this thing is killing me .. SO I bought candizole v cream 0ver the counter to treat this thing , can I use this , can I use the applicatOrs ???? Pls assist someone , anyone .. Pls bare in mind I’m pregnant !! So wat can I use to cure this thing ! Thanks !!

    1. Oops – that’s really a question for your doctor. I know the appointment is a long ways off, but maybe you could call the office and talk to the nurse. There are probably some warnings on the package label, but since those are written by the people who sell the product, they might not include everything you’d want to know, for the safety of your child.

      Your hormones are changing with your pregnancy, and that’s probably why you got the infection. Since this is really common, we’d love to hear what you find out when you talk to the nurse or doctor.

  75. Ok, I have been having a ordorless white discharge for about two months now. What is it and how can i get rid of it without seeing a doctor?

  76. I’m very glad you have this website, and I’m glad you actively answer questions. I tried using yogurt internally a couple of years ago because I came down with an infection while away from home, staying out in the sticks, and I had no other options. It worked well and gave immediate relief. I don’t know why I was hesitant to try it this weekend, except that I had other methods available. I took a dose of 1 day Monistat, and while I think it was working, in the meantime I was miserable. The external cream did nothing to alleviate the discomfort. I was going to make an appointment this morning to see a doctor and confirm that yogurt was an ok alternative, but they couldn’t get me in until afternoon, and I have been unable to sleep for two nights in a row. I just went ahead and bought a douche, emptied it, and filled it with plain, unsweetened yogurt. Instant. Relief. Regardless of whether or not researchers and doctors think it’s a valid alternative, it works. I used plain Greek yogurt, because it had the lowest sugar content. No idea what I’m going to do with what’s left. I love plain yogurt, but the flavor and consistency of Greek yogurt is very unpleasant to me. I’m glad to have found a solution, though. Do you know if I can freeze the rest to use if the infection recurs? I would think freezing would kill the active cultures, but it’s been mentioned in several comments.

    1. I don’t know the answer to the freezing question. I know a lot of people get great relief from the yogurt Popsicles, but I’m not sure how long the cultures can live when frozen. Anyone else know?

  77. Hi I’m 19 and I have all the symptoms of a yeast infection but the issue is I’ve had these symptoms for about a year or so. It doesn’t feel severe but the fact that the symptoms have been present that long and that’s what scares me. Aren’t yeast infections supposed to last only a few days

  78. Hi jonni ! Ok so I’ve been to the gyny on monday ! I’m 2 months preggies now n I’m so happ. y lol ! Baby is fine ! So I told her I got a yeast infection n she prescribed me lomexin 200mg virginale ovules for 3 days ! I purchased this and the instructions inside said not recommended for pregnancy !! This got me worried so I phoned the doc n the nurse O who ever picked up said sometimes the encloser says that but its fine , the doctor wnt prescribe me something if I can’t use it ! I stil have nt used this! I noticed my yeast infectiOn went away naturally cause I am active but it is nOt s0re 0 burning but the discharge is still there! But anyway have any0ne heard 0f this l0mexin? I dnt feel comfortable, I mean how can a gyny prescribe u something that u cannot use?

  79. My nine month old dog ,has been having a lot of discharge from his eyes, (white dog)which is common , Iwas eating yogart, he was begging so I gave him some, quite by accident his eyes are clearing up, so I thought, it must be the yogart!! Hope it continues to work. I plan on giving him a little everyday, (he weighs 20lbs.)

    1. Excellent – your dog must have known the yogurt was good for him. I knew that dogs get yeast infections in their ears – especially ones with long ears. I wonder if yogurt would help them too?

  80. I was wondering if there’s any harm in using the yogurt method as a precaution? I’m not sure I have a yeast infection, but I’m very prone to them and it’s been itchy down there on/off for the past two days, with burning following intercourse. Also, is trying to insert a tampon coated in yogurt a bad idea if I’m on my period?


  81. I found this website to be very helpful! Here is my story: on saturday I started feeling ill and had a really bad headache and I thought I had a fever too. The next morning, I felt itchy down there and I checked to see white cottage cheese spots (very few of them and very small in size) on both sides of my inner labia. I definitely freaked out about it, but did not go to an urgent care to avoid paying big bucks. On Monday morning, the number of white spots/pumps doubled around on both sides — throughout google, I diagnosed myself with either having a) herpes b) yeast infection. But in the morning, I called my doctor’s office to quickly make an appointment and this is what she diagnosed me with as well – yeast infection – and prescribed me the oral pill. The bottom line is that no matter what you think you have or how severe it is, it’s best to go to the doctor or a nurse! Even though, I think I have yeast infection and doctor told me it’s an yeast infection, I did not see any test results. It might also be a bacterial infection. So I’m actually going to call in tomorrow and ask what else I can do to ease the itching. I don’t know how long this drug is supposed to work, but nearly 70% of my inner labia is now covered in white stuff. It’s very uncomfortable and I removed some with a cotton swab and put organic sour cream with live cultures on the affected area (i have no yogurt in my house).
    I know that many things can cause yeast infection, but my lifestyle has always been the same and I never had it before. I only had few sexual partners and I have been tested for STDs in the past and since March, I slept with two people and used condoms all the time. This is the first time I had an yeast infection, so I really do wonder what caused it for me. One difference is that I had sex a week ago (with a condom) and maybe the condom caused irritation and if some of the bacteria or yeast from his area not covered by the condom got into mine. Otherwise, I really don’t know if there was anything different that I had done to cause the growth of yeast!

    1. Yeast infections aren’t considered a STD, but any irritation might give the fungus a chance to take hold. Other things can also cause them – too much sugar in the diet, stress, hormone changes, etc.

      If you’ve been tested and the doctor gave you a pill, she must be fairly sure. Oral medications are usually pretty strong, so you should see results pretty soon. Your doctor should be able to tell you how long it will take to make the infection go away. You might ask her a few more questions when you call her – doctors often forget to tell us the things we want most to know.

  82. I have had really bad itching and burning and some soreness down there for the past 6 days… I bought some yogurt today and I intend to use it. I’ve never had a yeast infection before, and there is no fishy smell or cottage cheese reside… so I’m not positive it is a yeast infection. I’m a minor, so I am hesitant to tell my parents about it right now. I’ve only had sex with one partner, and we used condoms, so I highly doubt it is an STD. (The last time I’ve had sex was August)

    1. Anon, the only way to know for sure what kind of infection you have is to get tested. If there’s a Planned Parenthood nearby, you may be able to get treatment without upsetting your parents. However, you should also know that a yeast infection, if that’s what you have, is not an STD – yeast floats around in the air all the time. And some bacterial infections are also not STDs. Your parents should not assume you have been playing around just because you itch.

      I suggest that you get an appointment and find out what’s really wrong if the yogurt doesn’t clear things up quickly.

    2. Anon, trust me. If you are afraid to tell your parents, just say this simple thing:

      I have been having a little bit of trouble down “there”.

      And just tell her/him the symptoms! (itching, burning, redness, etc.)

      And finally just except the fact you have yeast infection! Millions of men, women, and children get it! Your not alone! I am having my first one right now as I am saying this. My mother recommended the yogurt cure. Eat yogurt 2 ted a day and avoid all sugar! The yeast is in love with sugar!! So make it stave, why don’t ya! It will help! And if it doesn’t, you will need medication. So go out right now and tell your parents. You will be glad you did. They probably went through the same situation and embarrasment you are going through to, as we speak. So good luck! (;

  83. Hi, I am almost 7 months pregnant and recently admitted into the hospital with a severe kidney infection, I was having an antibiotic put into my blood by an IV and then had a prescription for a 500mg antibiotic that i took for 10 days 4 times a day. Then i got this really really bad itching and “cheesy” kind of discharge, idk if there is a way for me to treat this without a prescription because i cannot afford to pay for a prescription. would eating yogurt be a good idea? or the frozen yogurt idea?
    Thank you so much.

    1. The yogurt would certainly be worth a try. I’d be very careful about using any other home or OTC remedy, because of your pregnancy. If the yogurt doesn’t get rid of the infection in a few days, you will want to see a doctor, or at least call the office.

  84. Since my D&C 2 years ago i have had Yeast infections on and off. My Dr. has given everything under the moon and i have tried everything over the counter. I just flared up again. I decided to finally try the yogurt. How long until symptoms die down? also can i try the apple cider vinegar the same day as the yogurt? this whole thing as taken a huge toll on my sex life with my husband. i hate having to tell him yet again I have this. Why do i keep getting these. I have been tested for diabetes and sugar. Can my hormones play a role, B/c i feel like i get YI during or after i ovulate.

    1. Yes, hormones could definitely be part of it. So could a whole lot of other things. Some of them are listed here. I am not sure the vinegar and yogurt combo would work, because the acidity of the vinegar might kill the beneficial bacteria in the yogurt. You might want to try the yogurt first.

  85. Hi, I just got a yeast infection, and I’m currently using minister. However, the burning and pain is too much for me to handle with the cream. The burning and itching is just awful, more awful than what i feel during the day. Is yogurt a less painful altnernative? And if so, how many times should I apply it inside my vagina?

      1. That was a typo, I meant to write monistat, I believe it’s working but the burn from the medicine is very painful, so I was wondering if yogurt was a less painful altnernative

        1. The yogurt will not sting, but there’s no guarantee that any home remedy will work. The best way to find out is to try it. Some people have really liked frozen yogurt Popsicles – they find them immediately soothing. You might try that and see if it helps.

  86. I personally use the yogurt in the vagina (via tampon dipped in it) both for the healing properties AND the soothing. For me it DOES work quickly. I’ll do this before going to bed, being sure to remove the tampon within an hour of inserting, eat a cup of yogurt before going to bed and by the time I wake up it’s pretty much gone! I follow up with eating more yogurt in the morning and still wear a liner just in case.

    I since I wear mostly nylon thongs (0ccasional cotton), I sleep commando like my mother and nana told me to. It’s when I wear underwear to bed that I’ll get a yeast infection.

    1. you can also try a yoghurt douche with tepid water and keep the peri anal region very clean always consult a Doctor before relying 100 percent on home remedies

  87. I’m 29 years old and I’ve suffered from recurring yeast infections since I was about 16. I go through fazes where I don’t get any at all and then all of a sudden I get about 2 or 3 within a couple of months. I got one about 2 weeks ago and used the 7 night Walgreens Miconazole. The symptoms almost disappeared completely, but not quite. I still felt a tiny bothersome feeling and still had some chunky discharge. Two days later I got my period and decided that it would be a okay to wear tampons and I had sex twice… Well guess what! The yeast infection came back (although I don’t think it ever left!)!! Well my period is now gone and I didn’t want to use another 7 night cream so I called my Dr. and he prescribed me two Diflucan pills. One day after taking the first pill (yesterday), I was going through way too much discomfort so I decided to try the yogurt thing. I was a little scared because the thought of inserting yogurt into my vagina just doesn’t seem too appealing, but I was desperate and I went ahead and tried it. I dipped a “regular” sized tampon into some cold plain and unsweetened Dannon yogurt with “ACTIVE CULTURES”, inserted the tampon into my vagina, which felt strange but soothing at the same time, and smeared some yogurt around my hole and labia. I left it in for one hour while I laid in bed watching “American Horror Story” (LOL) and as soon as I took it out I was already feeling better! The irritation and itchiness disappeared almost completely and today I feel like I’m almost back to normal! Yogurt works GREAT! Maybe even better than the medications that are sold in drug stores! It’s like an instant relief. That live bacteria is no joke! LOL! From now on I am going to swear by plain yogurt for my yeast infections! I can’t even believe that I was afraid to try it… and I am doing it again today!! 😉

    P.S. I’m also eating Dannon Activia Light. I’m having 2 a day.

  88. To all Readers,

    I just wanted to say that I continuously read the same ole comments on here about you woman developing really bad yeast infections. I have had a few myself, and it was always reoccurring, it never seemed to stop completely with just consuming some yogurt, and placing a yogurt dipped tampon up my vagina. My yeast infections continued reoccurring until I went on this “Candida Diet”. It is a very strict diet, and not easy to commit too, but it is so worth it. I don’t have really bad yeast infections, haven’t had them for a while since I went on the “Candida Diet”. You see, when you develop a yeast infection, that means you have an overgrowth of yeast in your colon. A yeast infection is what happens when the natural yeast bacteria within our bodies become compromised which then allows the bad yeast bacteria to take a hold and multiply. Due to their increase, the over growth of bacteria are what can cause us all sorts of problems. All the junk,( Chemicals and dyes) that is added to food and drinks, stress, tap water, lot’s of highly refined sugars, salts and carbohydrates, all contribute to weakening your immune system, and compromising our naturally occurring yeast in our bodies. This “Candida Diet” will teach you how to eat a healthier diet, that will rid your body of the overgrowth of yeast, and prevents it from reoccurring again and again… Well, it does entail continuing a healthier lifestyle, such as eating, drinking, exercising, etc, as well, but wouldn’t it be worth it for better health? Really think about it, and if you decide to go on this “Candida Diet”, you can find out more about it by googling it…

    I really hope this helps you all,

    Sincerely concerned,


  89. Ok, so I have had bv before in the past, and seemingly I keep getting it back. Its confusing to understand the difference between bv and a yeast infection considering they both involve bacteria in the vagina.. It has gotten crazy expensive constantly showng up for another pap when the answer is always the same,, when last time I had some odor and itching my pap came back normal.. Could this be hpv? since I have read it sometimes shows no signs of abnormal pap. I am so confused on what my issues are at hand. I am currently trying the yogurt thing now and it is strange to say the least haha. But I figure since both are bacteria and I am just tired of seeing the dr. for paps and I have been to a couple different ones I will try home remedies since this seems to continue for me. I do work in hot conditions and have just started using unscented everything so we shall see how that goes. any ideas?

    1. Kassy, bacteria and yeasts are two very different things. Yeasts are a form of fungi, so you could say they’re related to mushrooms. fungi and bacteria are mortal enemies, and that’s why yogurt works so well (for some people) in combating a yeast infection. The “live cultures” in yogurt are friendly bacteria. Friendly to us, that is. They attack yeast.

      That’s why it’s important to know what kind of infection you have. Anti-fungal medications kill yeast, but not bacteria. Antibiotics kill bacteria, and often trigger a yeast infection.

      Hopefully, your latest outbreak is yeast, and the yogurt might help. Did your doctor try to explain why you keep getting these infections?

  90. as a diabetic I discovered use of insulin really helped curb yeast infections also washing the peri anal are with a solution of white vinegar and adding two cups of white vinegar to a soaking warm basthtub helps a lot too

  91. basically keeping your blood sugar level low as the Doctor recommends is very helpful to avert yeast infections,and good hygienealwayshelps as well!

  92. Hi
    I noticed that whenever I wear tight clothing and underwear I keep getting a yeast infection. I went to my doctor and she told me that that could be th cause of it and also lack of sleep and stress. I took her advice and haven’t had any in two month until today. A friend of mines suggested that I insert it inside of me for a quicker result. I thought she was crazy but DD it anyways. Before I knew it it was gone. What do you think about the whole clothing, stress, and lack of sleep?

    1. Yes, tight clothing can cause a yeast infection, because it restricts the movement of air. And any stress can cause your immune system to falter, so getting enough sleep and even meditation can help.

  93. Hi Jonni –
    I’ve recently been diagnosed with a yeast infection by my Gynecologist.
    It’s pretty bad too because before I knew I had a yeast infection, I itched down there ALL the time!
    So I actually made sores from the irritation of itching!
    My doctor told me that it was a yeast infection and not herpes or anything else, so I’m not worried about that.
    But she gave me a pill which I took yesterday, and a cream called Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide to help the itching.
    I’ve only used it twice so far, but it made the itching like 3 times worse!
    So I used Vagisil which helps a little bit.
    I was wondering if there was anything else I could do to help the itching.
    When I wear underwear, it feels like it’s rubbing against my vagina and making it itch.
    So I tried taking them off, but then it just itches anyways!
    Also, the sores are still there, so it’s very sensitive to whatever I put on it.
    Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!

    1. A lot of people find the yogurt soothing, even when they’re also using an anti-fungal medication. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

  94. Hi Jonni,
    This is my first yeast infection and I am only 14. I am not afraid to tell my Mom about things like this. As when I told her what was going on with the symptoms, she said I had a yeast infection. Because she got it all of the time when she was pregnant with my sister. So I am wondering of you have any home remedies to get rid of it! All of it!(; thanks! And note** I haven’t experienced a period yet so don’t mention anything with tampons… Pads are okay to mention! Thanks, Jonni!


    1. Hi Elizabeth. It looks like your mom already recommended the cure that seems to help the most people – yogurt. You can also use it as a salve “down there” to ease the itching and other symptoms. It’s a bit messy, but a pad will keep it off your panties.

      I think a lot of younger women have heard a rumor that yeast infections are caused by intimacy with men. This doesn’t happen to be true, but rumors are hard to stop. I guess they also think their mothers believe the same rumor, even though their moms probably have all gotten yeast infections at one time or another for all sorts of reasons. (It’s not the sort of thing you mention to your kids, unless there’s a very good reason). I’m glad you weren’t misinformed, and I certainly appreciate the advice you give to other women your age. I hope all our young readers pay attention to you.

  95. Hi. Jonni!

    I have had a yeast infection of a few days now, and it sucks. I’ve been using the garlic method, who I was told by a midwife, that it works. It has cleared up better than it was, but I just really want it gone!! I’m going to use the yogurt and shoot it up my pipe with a medicine thing-y, you know the ones they use for kids who don’t take their syrup-like medicine? yeah.
    What I really wanted to share with anyone who is on this site who is on the young side–like in their teens–and are scared to tell their moms, don’t be! I was. I thought I would never be able to get rid of it and kept thinking that I was dirty! I have two brothers, and so it wasn’t like I was going to come out and say it! They would have for sure made fun of me, the little dweebs! Anywho, I told my mom I needed to talk to her, and because I thought that I was going to be stuck with it for the rest of my life, I started crying. Needless to say, my mom freaked out and thought I had found a lump on my breast or something.
    Don’t be scared to tell your moms! That’s what they’re there for! They WILL understand and make you feel a whole lot better.
    I am no longer going to use Dial soap! I did NOT know that it was and antibacterial soap. Duh.
    Loved this site and glad you put it up!

      1. Sara, fruit shouldn’t be avoided, in my opinion. To learn more about sugar and it’s health effects, you should watch this video by one of the leaders in the field. It’s kind of long, but it’s worth it.

  96. I have been getting some clear vaginal discharges lately. I had both yeast infection and the bacterial vaginosis in the past (note: It was not due to sex because I have been celibate for years). This happens to some women every now and then. Anywho, I tried the yogurt treatment (I used the organic plain yogurt). I had no idea but this actually worked. No more discharge! No more discomfort!:) Yay!! But just to make sure everything is ok, I am going to go to the doctor’s office to get a pap smear since it is about that time anyway.

  97. ?? Iv been getting yeast infections lately, and aftr reading all this now I know why..I had surgery 6 mths ago and since then iv developed a sweet tooth which I never had b4 much like the infections, so ill kill the sweets ASAP. Another problem I’m having is that after my period I get really tender down there in my creases of my legs close to my va-jay jay but now I’m really itchy and irritated around my clit, iv used itch relief cream that helps but I want it gone. Any thoughts??

    1. You might like to try some of the medicated powder that they make for jock itch, just to keep everything nice and dry down there. Be sure to read the label, though –

  98. Hello,

    I think I might have a yeast infection, although, I am itchy more toward the top part of the labia and not near the vagina itself which seems strange to me. I do have a strong odor but not really any discharge. Also, I went to the bathroom today, embarrasing but I went number 2, and there was a white creamy discharge. I read that yeast infections may spread to the anus. Does anyone know if this is true? Can a gyno tell me if it had spread to the anus? I don’t have insurance so I haven’t made a doctors appointment yet but I think I might. I figured I would try to get an opinion before scheduling an appointment. Any help you can give me is greatly appriciated.


    1. It’s definitely a good idea to talk to your doctor. There isn’t any way to know what sort of infection you have without the tests.

  99. So, I’m going to try the yogurt popsicle in the next couple of days, and I had a question about it. Do you need to take the yogurt out at some point, or will it just eventually drain out on its own?

  100. this may sound like dumb questions, but . ..

    I have a yeast infection and the itching is driving me nuts! I just looked in the fridge and the only yogurt I have is Good plain greek yogurt, but it EXPIRED 5 days ago! Do you still think it is ok to use?

    Also, when using a yogurt “popsicle” do you cut it out of the glove before you insert it, or leave it in the glove and then pull the glove out once the inside has defrosted.


    1. I don’t know if the good bacteria in your yogurt is still alive or not. I guess there’s only one way to find out – give it a try and see. You won’t want to enclose the yogurt in anything, since the good stuff needs to be able to get out so it can fight the infection.

      Good luck.


    I have had a yeast infection for months! I was SUPER itchy “down there” and it smelled very foul. I also had some white, thick discharge that was extremely acidic. I felt disgusting and I was too embarrassed to have sex with my boyfriend or let him go down on me..

    The doctor prescribed me a single miconazole nitrate pill, some ointment and some miconazole nitrate vaginal ovules I had to use for 3 days. She said that it would be completely gone after. It did seem to work at first, but a couple of days later it came back. It was so frustrating! So I bought the same treatment, and doubled the dose of the ovules, hoping it will finally go away. But still no success.

    Then I did some research online and read that putting yogurt in your vagina helps restore it to your natural pH-balance. A vagina is basically full of bacteria, “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria (yeast). A vagina with a healthy pH-balance should have enough of the “good” bacteria that keep everything balanced.

    If you’re stressed, using antibiotics, vaginal douches or not letting your vagina breathe enough, the “good” bacteria might weaken causing the “bad” bacteria to take over, giving you a yeast infection. So what yogurt basically does is, it gives you more of the “good” bacteria so the “bad” bacteria will driven out and die.

    I was skeptical about it at first, because you’re basically putting food in there… It just seemed really nasty and weird to me. But I decided to give it a try anyway and the results were… AMAZING!!! I soaked a tampon in some yogurt and then inserted it. The yogurt was very soothing, and it got rid of the itching almost instantly (the ointment didn’t do that). And surprisingly it didn’t feel disgusting either, it actually felt very fresh and clean! Even after having left it in for a few hours. It got rid of the nasty thick acidic/sour discharge, the foul smell and the itching after just ONE tampon!

    Whenever I shower I make sure I cleanse myself with lots of water, and before I go to sleep I put in another yogurt-dipped tampon to leave it overnight. Make sure it’s non-flavored, unpasteurized yogurt with no added sugars!
    I can recommend this to EVERYONE! Ladies, it worked so much better than those expensive medications! But then again, results might differ and your body might react differently to it.. IDK. But I got some amazing results using this method!

    Let me know if you tried it and worked for you too! xx

  102. I was diagnosed with a yeast infection and my doctor prescribed me Diflucan to get rid of the yeast infection. Now that I’ve taken the medicine I’ve noticed that I have a odor. What am I supposed to do. I just left the doctor Thursday and today is just Saturday. What can I do to get rid of the odor until I see the doctor again??

  103. Hi… I’m only 12 and I’m pretty sure I have a yeast infection. For about 2 days I’ve had cottage cheese looking vaginal discharge, extreme itching in the vagina and the skin near it. But… I’m not exactly sure. I’m trying the yogurt treatment as I type and I’m kinda scared to tell my mom. Advice???!

    1. Bella, I know that it’s no fun talking to your parents about your “private” parts, but your mom wants you to be healthy. Let her know that you seem to be having problems down there, and ask if you could see a doctor. The doctor’s visit probably won’t be all that much fun, either, but she’ll let you know exactly what the problem is, and she’ll help you get rid of it.

      There are lots of other things that can cause a vaginal infection besides yeast. The only way to know what you’ve got is to get tested. I hope you’ll talk to your mom, and soon.

      1. Sorry so late to reply, Jonni thank u for ur feedback, I went to the doctor and they gave me a cream in a tube to insert and oral tablets both for 7 days, I’m sooo much better, all cleared up. Turned out I had yeast and bv at the same time Ouch!

  104. I have noticed lately that whenever I have sex without using a condom I intend to get an yeast infecion (I think)> So here I am trying to find some home cure before I go to my GP.

  105. I take a probiotic and eat yogurt but I get a yeast infection every week before my period. This started after my daughter was born 2 years ago. She’s not totally weaned so I wonder if I have a hormonal issue? I was diagnosed with BV. But I thought they might be wrong since this always happens a week before my period. Plus the prescription said do not take if breast feeding. Why did the doctor presribe it when he knew I was breastfeeding? I do eat waaaay to much sugar, starch, and carbs. I crave it all the time otherwise I’m never really hungry. Help.

    1. Marie, the person to ask about your prescription is your doctor. They get busy sometimes, so they don’t always remember to give you the information you need. Call the office to make sure it’s safe to take the medication.

      I don’t know if the doctors’ tests can show a bacterial infection if it’s really yeast, but you may not get the same infection every time. In any case, I strongly suggest that you try giving up the sugar, and not just because it may be causing your infections. To see why I make this recommendation, watch this video to see how sugar affects the body (and how it can affect your child’s life as she gets older and starts eating the same things you do). You might also want to ask your doctor to do a blood test to make sure you’re not pre-diabetic.

  106. I am currently on prescription for my yeast infection and wanted to know if it will effect my birth control. Also I started my prescription on wednesday, would it be okay if I had had sex on tuesday? or would that be too soon?

    1. These are really questions for your doctor. The chemical interactions between medications is something that I know absolutely nothing about. You might be able to get your answers by calling the office and asking for the nurse.

  107. I have type rwo diabetes..And deal with yeast and bacteria infections! My Endo Dr gave me some of this best advise other than medication. And it has worked miracles. Using antibacterial soap was my worse enemy! I changed from Lever 2000. I stared using Oil of Olat soap. And make your husband use it too! And because the oral medicine for treating a Bacteria infection would eventually flare a yeast problem for me.. I use the vaginal precription crem for the Bacteris infection.. You dont have to use oil of olay..and non-bacterial soap will do..dove..camay..etc.

  108. Hey, well my period came as I thought due to my symptoms and away went the yeast infection. Each month the week before my period my skin gets really dry, my ecsema patches flare up, I’m moody and I have a yeast infection. I think it’s because I’m still breastfeeding. Anyway, I did tell the doctor about my symptoms and that I was breastfeeding and she prescribed flagyl anyway. When I asked about the breastfeeding warning her nurse said they prescribe it to pregnant and breastfeedin moms all the time. I wasn’t comfortable with the risk and just waited for my period to relieve the symptoms. I’m also a medical lab tech, so I did my own wet prep to see if I saw any clue cells. That’s what they are supposed to see if you really do have BV, or they might see trichomonas swimming. I didn’t have clue cells just some yeast. YEAST! I’m glad I didn’t take flagyl, it causes cancer in lab rats.
    About tea tree oil, I was curious about it’s anti-fungal properties, but wondered if it was to harsh to put down there.

  109. I just have to say thank you. I read about this cure before, but I have been afraid to try it because a lot of medical websites don’t recommend it based on lack of clinical trials. But I was desperate.

    I have had this recurring vaginal yeast infection for months, and can’t seem to get the right treatment. My doctor told me in August that I had it externally but not internally. So she gave me a powder that helped, but I moved out of the country and it is impossible to get Nystatin powder here. I’ve used fluconozole and creams and suppositories and homeopathic remedies, and there has just been nothing that has fully worked. I think the problem is that I have it externally, but it keeps reinfecting me internally, but because the treatments have all been for internal use it doesn’t fully go away. So while waiting for another doctor’s appointment, I have been using an over the counter cream externally only, and yet still hurting. Finally, two nights ago I used yogurt just externally.

    I have not felt this well for 8 months. I don’t know if it will continue to work, but I am now at least willing to try it. Thank you! This is such a terrible problem because it is not something you ever want to talk about with someone, and to feel bad all the time, but never be able to get the right medical treatment and hear time and again just give it time… it has been so frustrating. I hate to get my hopes up, but I feel good. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  110. I used to have yeast infections a lot! Especially if I ever had to take an antibiotic! Since i have been taking my prenatal vitamin which has 2 kinds of active cultures in them and azo cranberry which also has active cultures i have not had a yeast infection or a Uti:) Eating yogurt is good too but i would also highly recommend a pill form of active culture along with the yogurt:) I have been yeast free for about 2 years now that is when i started taking my vitamins and the azo cranberry. I highly recommend this for anyone with chronic yeast problems!

  111. So ive been diagnosted with bv. I take antibiotics it goes away for a while but then it comes back. I hate taking the antibiotics because they make me sick to my stomach and i get a yeast infection right after. ive been doing research and alot people use the yogurt solution. I want to try it but im a little scared. i wanted to try the frozen yogurt but i was wondering does the yogurt eventually all come out? should i douche with water after im done to make sure theres no yogurt left behind? Im just concerned but i really want to get,rid of this embarresting infection and not have it come back. please help me!

    1. Zulu, yogurt contains active bacteria, the good ones, that kill yeast. I don’t think they’ll kill bacteria, which seems to be what you’ve got. As your doctor if there’s anything else you can do, and ask why you keep getting it.

    1. I think that would be a good question for your doctor. Some infections that look like yeast are actually bacterial infections that can cause considerable harm. When you’re pregnant, it probably isn’t a good time to self-diagnose. Give them a call – you may be able to talk to the nurse and get a quick answer.

  112. Hi. I think I may have yeast infection. Yesterday night I felt the swelling of my vagina It didn’t hurt or itch just felt really uncomfortable and I went down there to find this cheese look/feeling stuff. I started to scrape it out of me to find there was alot. I also realized that my vagina block I don’t know what to call it really (I’m a virgin that wall that’s there for the guys to go through that’s what I’m talking about) was more closer to the outside it was also swollen. Today I went down there there was minimum of that cheese stuff probably less then a quarter then what it was yesterday and my vaginal block reseeded back some (not all the way) and my Swelling went down of my vaginal block too. But the walls to my vagina is still swollen. am I doing something right? Since it’s going down some? How long do you have to eat the yogurt for? How much a day? Same about honey how much a day? How long till it goes way?

    1. Jan, since every infection is different, there’s really no way to know how long it will take to get back to normal. If it doesn’t go away soon, you’ll want to get an appointment with your doctor. Yogurt doesn’t work for everyone, and there are other kinds of infections that can cause similar symptoms.

  113. I have had recurring yeast infection for the last 10 years and nothing really worked for me. Prescirbed medication, yogurt, acidophilus pills from health food stores, etc., but unfortunately nothing has worked for me. I am trying to eat plain yogurt in my diet everyday and try to cut carbohydrates. It makes me quite cranky before my period and intensifies at that time. I just learned to live with it.

  114. Hi Jonni,
    Does it make sense to eat yogurt and also take a supplement which includes Pau D’ Arco and black walnut such as “Candida Clear” of Now Foods to fight yeast infection?
    Thank you.

    1. I’m not a doctor so I can’t really say if that’s reasonable or not. I’m a little wary of any herbal concoction that fights fungi, because some of them are also rather powerful antibiotics (and taking antibiotics can lead to even stronger yeast infections). Which means the good bacteria you take in with the yogurt could be killed off by the black walnut and other remedies. I know a lot of people recommend them, but I’m just not so sure. The best thing would be to take a list of the things you’re considering, and ask your doctor. The Pau D’Arco, for instance, is quite powerful and is used as an antibiotic. All of these remedies are heavily advertised as “cures” for fungal infections, but finding scientific proof of their effects isn’t easy. So – do your research, and be reasonably cautious – it’s just the yeast you want to get rid of, not the beneficial bacteria that work so hard to keep you healthy.

      Does anyone have personal experience with these products that you can share with us?

  115. Hey so i think i have a yeast infection and i have a dance i have to go to in two days so thats not enough time to go to the dotor, does this yogurt stuff really work? And how does it even take?

    1. Sometimes it works. It depends on whether or not you really have a yeast infection (there are other things that cause similar symptoms) and how bad the infection is. You can try it and find out. Or you can get some over the counter medication, if you’re really sure that’s what you’ve got. But even the medication usually takes longer than two days to completely get rid of an infection, so you can’t count on yogurt working that fast, either.

  116. Hello, I was wondering if you have ever heard of using yogurt for diarrhea. I have used frozen yogurt to treat yeast infections with great success, and was wondering if the same idea could be used as a yogurt-enema to treat diarrhea. Thanks!

  117. i am in between 6 and 7 weeks pregnant with my third child and i have a yeast infection and i tried the whole plain yogurt thing and all it did was make it itch more is that normal?

    1. Tiffany, it probably isn’t a good time to self-diagnose a vaginal infection when you’re pregnant. There are many other things that look just like a yeast infection, but which can actually be harmful, and not just uncomfortable. I strongly suggest that you talk to your doctor. (And yogurt usually soothes, rather than adding to the discomfort. Everyone is different, but still – talk to your doctor.)

  118. I’m thinking of using yogurt down in my vagina area, too. Would 0 total be ok, even if i had 9 grams of sugar in a cup? Are there better brands?

    1. If sugar is not listed as an ingredient, then the 9 grams probably is milk sugar, not refined sugar. So that would be fine. Flavored yogurts often have as much sugar as ice cream, and you wouldn’t want to use those.

  119. Ok, so I have herpes, I believe it weakens my immune system. Would it be unsafe for me to try inserting and eating yogurt? I don’t have insurance so I like to take care of things like this on my own if possible.

    1. Yogurt should be safe under any circumstances, but there’s no guarantee that it will work. If it doesn’t, you might need to move up to the over-the-counter medications available at the drug store. However, remember that a lot of vaginal infections that are caused by bacteria look almost exactly like yeast infections, and about half the time when women are treating themselves for a yeast infection, they’re really got something else. If your infection doesn’t go away soon, you might want to see a doctor. Maybe there’s a low-cost clinic in town you could see.

  120. I have had a previous case of a yeast infection when i was 12 and had it treated when i was 16 with a medication called Canesten Cream which you insert for 7 nights. It worked perfectly. Now im 20, I’ve recently had a bladder infection which i got treated and I started getting that dry, itchy sensation. Im pregnant now and after doing a pap smear learnt that i had “Candida Species with inflammatory effect.” I got a medication called “Niacin” a pill insertive which is supposed recommended for pregnant women. The yeast infection actually got worse with severe itching and excess discharge which actually burnt. I got a different recommendation of “Canesten Tablets” which you insert for six nights. The itching and Burning stopped completely but the discharge has remained the same. It has kinda gotten worse now that it has a “fishy odor.” I am extremely frustrated and have no idea what to do anymore. What do you recommend.

    ps..The Canesten Cream insertive is very effective providing that you are not pregnant.

    1. Since you’re pregnant, the best thing is really to go back and talk to your doctor. They should get questions like this all the time, and we do pay them to answer them for us – it’s especially important to get proper medical advice at this time. You might ask if there’s any possibility that some other kind of infection has set in now that the yeast is gone.

  121. Hi there.
    Currently I am overseas in Tokyo Japan right now. I am 19 years old and get persistent yeast infections as well as Urinary tract infections. I guess I am just prone to them. Anyway, I have a yeast infection right now. It’s not horrible, but it does itch like crazy!! It also stings quite a bit and is definitely inflamed. I am overseas and cannot speak Japanese or read it, therefore I’m not sure how to treat my yeast infection. I can get some yoghurt but was also wondering if there are any easy treatments to make it fully go away without having to see a doctor? I would know what to do if I was back in the USA but unfortunately, I’m kind of screwed over if I cannot figure out what to do…I’ve been applying ice regularly, and eating yoghurt. I just want this to go away, and go away fast! Please help!!
    Thank you!

    1. Natalie, there are medications that you can get without a prescription here in the States, but I don’t know if that’s true in Japan. Since the yogurt isn’t helping so far, you may need to find a doctor and get a prescription. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one who speaks English. The local US Consulate will probably have someone they can recommend. Or any friend you have over there who speaks both Japanese and English should be able to refer you to a clinic. Good luck!

  122. Hello I was reading all of the comments on your website and I have a girlfriend that suffers from yeast infections and she’s been back and fouth to the doctor’s taking test and all test are normal even her husband’s test all came back normal… she gets a yeast a week before her period and it’s been like that for the last three month’s…her doctor stated that she couldn’t treat her with anything if all test is coming back normal and over the counter is her best option… well that has stopped working and she’s really worried…. she’s trying the yogurt tonight and hoping that will solve her problem from this point on she’s eating it and appying it as well I pray that it gets better for her…what do you recommend?

    1. I’m not a doctor, but it does sound like hormone changes are causing the problem. The yeast, and perhaps a change of diet, might help. If she hasn’t given up sugar yet, that might be the next thing to consider. Yeast loves sugar. Also, she would want to get rid of any personal soap products that may contain antibiotics (a lot of soap does). Don’t wear tight underwear – you know, all the usual things to keep one’s self dry down there. If the infections keep coming back, she might even ask her doctor to do a simple blood test to see if maybe the hormone changes are being caused by something else, like a pre-diabetic condition.

      But the yogurt is definitely a good start.

  123. Hey its me again. I’ve taken it up to revisit a doctor. I saw an Ob/Gyn as soon as he checked me he diagnosed it as a yeast infection and recommended Clotrimazole antifungal pessaries and Canesten cream to rub onto the affected area (kinda looks like yoghurt). It worked the same day and the symptoms where already starting to disappear. I would recommend this medication to anybody. Oh and plus he made me buy two tubes of cream so that my bf gets one. Its because if you’re sexually active then your yeast infection will never go away if your partner doesn’t get treated.

  124. hi Jonni!

    the very similar story as other girls….jeast infection.
    i tryed yogurt in my diet but it created even larger amount of white discharge nearly clothy and sticky…terrible.looked like a damn yogurt coming out. and i ve taken just 100mg amount.
    what can you say about that?
    shall i tryed again and that might be just a reaction similar to what other females experinced after taking purily plain natural yogurt or am i intolerant to it?

    please help


    1. Home remedies don’t work for everyone, and it sounds like yogurt doesn’t work for you. I would suggest making an appointment with your doctor.

    2. is there anybody with similar reaction to mine after intaking yogurt the reaction seems even worse or is that the part of the cleaning process?
      the vagina produces more white discharge plus belly is bloted and i even feel cramps arround my belly botton.

      thats why i ve used yogurt cure just twice in 5 years for just one day as i thought is not wright. do i continue at least 5 days or will i put myself into overgrowing of that nasty dicharge.

      please if any of you can share experiance i will appreciate it highly.

      1. If it doesn’t feel good, stop doing it. Yogurt is obviously not working for you. The first question, of course, is “Do you know for sure that you have a yeast infection?” If so, I would suggest a call to your doctor. She might suggest an otc medication you can get at the drugstore, or she might want you to come in and be tested.

        Most people notice almost instant reduction of itching and swelling when they use yogurt. Since you are having a very different reaction, this is not the right treatment for you.

  125. Hi,

    I’m pregnant and having a tough time with yeast infections. I’m barely 8 weeks do my dr doesn’t want me taking anything. Can I still use the yogurt vaginally without harming the baby? Please help!


    1. I think it should be safe, but I’m not a doctor so you shouldn’t pay much attention to my advice. Your doctor should be able to answer your question over the phone, or have her nurse talk to you. There are no toxins or antibiotics in yogurt (since it’s safe to eat) but still… ask your doctor.

  126. Hi there
    Ive just been diagnosed with thrush after suffering from it mildly for about 4/5 months. I had self treated it for a while using canesten ( clotrimazole creme) but although the itchiness subsided, the discharge never really went away. I was relieved when the swabs the nurse sent for testing confirmed my suspicions as i was starting to think i had an STD of some sort. I was prescribed with more canesten but this time i qas told to use the pessary which i repeated twice but the discharge didnt budge. After reading extensively i came across this forum and today ive bought live natural organic yoghurt and smeared it on the outside of my vagina. I can tell you the relief is almost immediate. I will also try the popsicle option as i think i should get the ypghurt inside the vagina. I also bought probiotic acidophilus cos apparently it is great at fighting yeast overgrowth from the inside. I really hope this works because it makes sense for it to and id really rather go down the natural route. Thanks for your help!!

  127. Hello there
    I recently finished a regimen of amoxicillin prescribed by my dentist and afterwards I got a pretty bad yeast infection and so did my husband because we had sex before I had any symptoms. So I purchased an otc 1 day treatment that also contained a tube of medicated cream for my husband. I feel much better now…no itching burning soreness or redness but I still have chunky white discharge. and I’m. wondering how long I have to wait for my vag to clean itself or is there something else I can do tp clean it other than douching. because I know that isbad for you

  128. Hi i have been suffering from a yeast infection for a while now, and i tried monistat 3 but the symptoms went almost completly away but two days later some of the symptoms are back. The symptoms aren’t as bad as they were. I want to try the yogurt technique but I am on my period. Would it hurt if i treated myself with yogurt while im on my period?

  129. Hey so I think I have a yeast infection. I went to the clinic n they assumed I had a UTI.. And although the antibiotics worked for my urine-related problems, I still itch every now and then and I still have some white discharge. It’s not thick like cheese, but it’s definitely more opaque and not as liquidy as it used to be.. I really don’t want to go to the doctors to get this checked out.. But I was wondering if using this yogurt trick would be safe for someone who MIGHT not actually have a yeast infection??

    1. Destiny and Kay, these are the kinds of questions that you should really ask your doctor. Especially if there’s a possibility that you have some other kind of infection. Yogurt is safe to eat, so it shouldn’t cause any problems – but everyone is different.

  130. I did the yogurt in the vagina thing and after i took the tampon out and then a few hours later i had green stuff in my underwear. id that supose to happen? also how many times a day are we suppose to put yogurt in there?

  131. So, I just tried the plain yogurt on the tampon remedy and I must say that I see a vast improvement. It has only been a day and a half but there is no more fishy smell and I feel that much of the yeast has gone away. I have been battling bacterial vaginitis and yeast infections for a while. It has been so long that I have forgotten what it feels like to not have it.

    I have also heard that you can take the tampon holder tube and put yogurt in it, put it in the freezer and then place it is the vagina allowing it to melt inside and not be absorbed so much by the tampon. Anyway, try it, it allows the good bacteria to go directly to the vagina where you want it. I think I will be doing this every other week just to keep things in check. 🙂

    1. I received an email from one person who used honey, and she said it made things worse. A lot of people use it, but it’s sticky and messy, so if I was choosing a home remedy, I’d stick with the yogurt.

  132. Today was my first time experimenting with the yogurt remedy to cure my yeast infection and i inserted it inside my vagina. The coolness instantly provided me with relief but I am just curious to know if the Dannon plain yogurt is a good brand to use. A close friend told me about this and today i tried it since i am having hard times right now and getting the yogurt was cheaper than the monistat. I hope me being cheap doesnt come with a painful price and put me in a worser sitiuation. I need to know how many days am I to insert this inside of me? Is it the same as the monistat directions 7 days?

    1. The Dannon yogurt should be good to use if the label says it contains live cultures. As for how long to use it, I don’t think there’s any set guidelines – this is a home remedy, so you probably keep using it until you feel you don’t need to any more. Good luck with it.

  133. So I have no idea how old this post is, and I’m hoping to get a quick reply, probably not, but who knows. Anyway, I’m 15 and I think I have a yeast infection. I’ve read a lot of these posts, and I know you say that girls shouldn’t just assume these things, but it has been itching SO bad, and when I itch it, it burns. I itch it a LOT. As to the point were it’s seriously starting to hurt. But anyway, anytime I go crazy with itching it, the lips on my vagina swell up a lot (I think I might have heard it being referred to as burgers or something like that once), and it still burns, but the itching settles down a little. I’ve been like these for only about 2 days. As for the discharge, it’s not like it just comes out of my when I’m just kinda standing around or showering or something like that. It’s more as when I take off my underwear, it has this thick cottage-cheese-like film on my underwear where my vagina was. But this has been happening for God knows how long, it’s only the burning, itching, and swelling that has just started recently. And I will most likely eventually talk to my mom about it (she is more awkward with “female problems” than I can even explain…), but since I figured it’s only been 2 days I can try this. What do you recommend?
    -Thanks so much for the post by the way! Lots of help!<33

    1. Many of the people who have commented on this site have said that applying yogurt to the infected area gives them almost instant relief from the itching and burning. It certainly shouldn’t hurt to give it a try. If the yogurt doesn’t help, it’s possible that you have some other kind of infection, so don’t hesitate to ask your mom to make an appointment for you if the yogurt doesn’t make things better in two or three days. (Some people use frozen yogurt to make things feel better fast – if you can make some yogurt popsicles, you might try it).

      Remember that the kind of yogurt you need is plain, with active cultures. Be sure to read the label. If you now drink sugared sodas or eat a lot of sugar in other foods, now would be a good time to give it up, at least temporarily (yeast loves sugar). And you can eat some yogurt, too, as well as putting it “down there.”

      But this is a home remedy that has no guarantees. If it doesn’t help, go talk to the doctor. There’s no need to be so miserable when the doc can get you fixed up right away.

  134. Ohh! And another thing, I hate to say it but yes. I, like many other highschool girls, have fell for that senior guy (I’m a freshmen) who takes advantages of your new highschool hormones. So yes, I have had sex. But, good news, the guy who I slept with was a virgin, and I only slept with him once, so there was no way I got anything serious from him,right? But another thing, I’ve recently hooked up with another senior guy who is quite known for whore-ing around (ughh, I know, talk about regret) the day or two before all this started. But we didn’t have sex, he just kinda “played around” down there. But one of my biggest worries is IF I decide to tell my mom about-what I think is-my yeast infection and I go get checked, is there a way the doctor would know (or ask for that matter) about my sexual activity?And if he does, he would most likely tell my parents,correct? So that’s a big problem for me. And sorry if that was a dumb question, just kinda nervous! Also, sorry for the two long posts!

    1. Hi Adrien. First off, yeast infections are not a sexually transmitted disease, and if your mom doesn’t know that (there’s a lot of confusion around this issue) the doctor will explain it to her. So don’t even consider not talking to your mom because you don’t want to share personal stuff about the boys you hang out with. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the boys. Yeast spores float around in the air, and everybody has them in their bodies at all times. In fact, yeast isn’t usually a problem at all, but sometimes, because of all sorts of reasons, they get infectious. The infections are often caused by using the wrong detergent for your clothes, or using a bath soap that contains antibiotics, or using an anti-acne medication, or eating too much sugar.

      I don’t know what the privacy laws are like in your state. I know that there are strict laws about patient confidentiality in the US, but I’m not sure how it applies to minors. You could call your local Planned Parenthood office and ask them – they deal with this sort of thing all the time.

      And don’t worry about writing long posts – that’s what this blog is for. However, I’m not a doctor, so any advice I can give should be taken with a grain of salt, as they say.

  135. Hi. I’m 16 and I have a yeast infection… I was okay with it before but …well, recent encounters with my boyfriend have caused him to have it too. He’s absolutely pissed with me for not telling him ahead of time but maybe this is a learning experience and we can get rid of it together. Please help. He’s scared, me not so much… But this is urgent.

    1. Jerilynn, if it’s really just a yeast infection, there’s really nothing for your boyfriend to be afraid of. It’s uncomfortable, but that’s about it. He can try eating yogurt every day, (unsweetened, with active cultures), but there’s no guarantee that it will work for either of you. There are over the counter medications for women, and “jock itch” medications for men. Read all the labels to make sure whatever he uses will be safe in that particular area. And you might also seriously consider making an appointment with your doctor to make sure that you really have a yeast infection. There are a lot of bacterial infections that look almost exactly the same. Some of them can be rather dangerous. They say that more than 50% of the infections that women self-treat aren’t really yeast infections at all. The doctor does a very simple test to find out, and it really is important that you know for sure.

      1. Thanks for the quick response. We’re both going to try the yogurt. About how long will take/ how soon should we see results?

        1. This is a home remedy, so there’s no way to know how long it will take. However, if symptoms don’t go away within a week, call your doctor and make an appointment.

  136. I’m sorry, that was unclear. Somewhere I read about Thrust. He has the infection on his penis and lips. he wanted to know if he could use chapstick on his lips so they won’t look chapped.

    1. Chapstick shouldn’t hurt anything. I just did a fast Google search for “thrush chapped lips” and this is what this site suggested for him:

      This condition usually goes away on its own. Eat unsweetened yogurt with live cultures to restore the natural balance of bacteria in your body. Gargle with salt water or use analgesics, such as acetaminophen, to relieve discomfort. If your symptoms get worse or don’t improve, see your doctor. He or she may prescribe an antifungal medicine.

  137. I’m 15 and I have had this thing I thought was a yeast infection for at least a year and a half and it hasn’t gone away. After reading online though, I’m not sure because it doesn’t itch. I really want it gone and I’m trying the yogurt method to see if there is any improvement. Anything else that could cause white discharge down there that isn’t a yeast infection?

    1. Confused, you might want to read this page for an overview of the various kinds of infections that look a lot like yeast infections. However, there is really only one way to know what’s going on – and that is to go to the doctor and have a simple test done. A yeast infection should not last that long. However, if you’re using antibiotic soap or acne medication, or if your immune system is compromised, I suppose it could happen.

      Eating non-sweetened yogurt is always a good idea, even if you don’t have a yeast infection. But it may have no affect at all on your symptoms. I really think you should talk to your doctor.

    1. Since this is a home remedy, without a lot of medical input, it will really be up to you. I think most people stop the yogurt treatment after their symptoms go away. If they don’t go away in a reasonable amount of time, it would be time to call your doctor and get an appointment.

  138. Where can I get a un sweet yogert cause I found yoplai Greek but had like 8g of sugar but dose not taste good lol

    1. All milk contains a natural sugar. What you’re looking for is under the ingredients portion of the label. If it doesn’t include sugar as an added ingredient, it should be fine.

  139. Jonni,
    I have to admit that when I did the search last night I was pretty darn skeptical that your suggestion would work. BLESS you and the others here that explained the yogurt application. Picked up chobani plain with active cultures… used the tampon method (with a liberal external coating) after about an hour I took a shower and simply rinsed. Here I am 12 hours later and amazed at how well this worked. Cheap, easy and NO chemicals! THANK YOU and the ladies that posted here!

  140. Iwas wondering if the cottage cheese discharge could be a little bit different? Bc mine seems to be more like little pieces of dead tissue cells or maybe even wet toilet paper. Actually at first thats what ithrought it was but noticed it was coming from inside. Also can u get a yeast infection from taking the morning after pill and will morning after pill cause u to get a period? Ive either got a bloody discharge or just my period ironically came maybedue to the morning after pill. I rarely getmy period being on methadone. Any thought or opinions would help. Will appreciate the help thanku. Brooke

    1. Hi Brooke. I think these are really good questions for your doctor. Or the nurse might be able to answer them over the phone.

  141. I have a question. The yoghurt thing, do you suppose it can be done like a douche as opposed to soaking a tampon?

  142. I was forced into menopause in 2009 when I had to have a complete hysterectomy
    (only left 1/4 of my cervix). I had never had a yeast infection in my life (46 yrs). I recently changed my diet to eliminate soft drinks, reduce fat and salt from my diet. I had been under a lot of stress and then all of a sudden I get this horrible itch along with a discharge that looks like cottage cheese. I do not have insurance and cannot afford an office call. I read that yogurt works, I also read that inserting a garlic clove works. I had used Monostat the first time and it worked but it is so expensive. The yeast overload came back again because of stress and possibly a change in my diet. I am wondering is it harmful to use both garlic as a suppository and the yogurt as a soothing agent? Also, I read that yeast thrives on water as well, so how does one clean up if yeast likes water?

    1. I think some people have adverse reactions to the garlic, so you might want to be a bit cautious with it. If you get any kind of reaction, remove the garlic right away. The yogurt does seem to help many people, especially if it can be inserted rather than just eaten. Washing won’t hurt anything, but keeping the skin dry is important, so loose clothing is usually recommended.

      Good luck.

  143. The monistat1 is awful. This was more pain than the yeast infection itself. I was really hesitant to try the yogurt trick, but after using monistat”, i could not get to the store fast enough to buy the yogurt. It eased the burning caused by the monistat and really cooled things off. I felt weird, but i didnt care. IT WORKS! I am on day 2 of the yogurt and am feeling real relief. I did realize today at i ate 2 pounds of yogurt in my hurried effort to get rid of this most awful thing.

    1. I tried the yogurt method. It did work somewhat. It cooled it off efficiently. To make sure that I get enough active yogurt cultures in my system, I have replaced sour cream with plain yogurt. There really isn’t much difference in the taste the only difference I found is plain yogurt is more liquified. So if you are going to eat plain yogurt and you can’t get past the taste try using it in place of sour cream.

    1. I’m pretty sure urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria, and yogurt will have no effect whatsoever. You really need medical advice.

    2. I had a mild UTI and one thing I found that really helped was drinking unsweetened cranberry juice. Cranberries are very good for flushing your system. If you cannot handle the bitter taste of cranberries try cranberry juice cocktail, though it is not as effective. They also sell cranberry tablets over the counter. But it is best to check with your doctor to make sure you do have a UTI before starting any home remedy.

  144. Hey there. Now I have read this forum and the respond posts as well; I am aware not to use yogurt with sugar, but here is my dilemma: when I went to the local Farm Fresh, I spent about 20 minutes reading all the different labels, and couldn’t find one single yogurt with zero sugars. The best I found, and what I tried, is Chobani plain yogurt with 7g of sugar in the 6oz serving. Obviously I haven’t inserted the entire contents into the vagina, but I am curious if this amount of sugar should be something to ‘worry’ about? and how many days should I expect to see a result? Thanks for your comments, I look forward to hearing them!!

    1. Hi Nina. There is a lot of confusion about this issue, but the only sugar you need to worry about is in the list of ingredients. Flavored yogurt almost always lists some form of added sugar in the ingredients. The sugar you’re finding is the natural milk sugars that are always found in dairy products, and this is not something you need to worry about. Your Chobani yogurt should be just fine, as long as the ingredient list includes live cultures.

      Good luck!

    1. I don’t know if there’s any “average” time that it might take, especially since many infections that look like yeast infections are really caused by bacteria instead. If at all possible, you might want to call your doctor and get some professional advice.

  145. I bought some plan yogurt to try for a yeast infection but I bought the low fat is the low fat okay to use (applied in vagina) ?

    Thank you!

  146. hi. I have a yeast infection dat didnt go away with da cream da doctor told me to take. It really gettin in my best nerves. Cause first i had bacterial vaginosis which i hate so much and i took medication which made me feel shorten of breath and my heart race faster. Than i had another symptom and it turn was a yeast infection so i had to be treated. Now its not gone and im tired of this. I hate man and I hate sex. Can some1 tell me how to use that yogurt treatment and what kind I have to use for how long. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

    1. Yogurt sometimes works, if you have a mild infection. However, if the doctor’s anti-fungal medication isn’t working, you probably don’t have a mild infection. Go ahead and eat some “live” yogurt (no sugar) but contact your doctor, too. You may need a different, possibly stronger medication. Delaying medical care may make things worse.

    2. I’m right there with you with the hatred of the infections…… I’ve had them for months on end before. If the creams and yogurt don’t work then try 10 drops of lemongrass oil mixed with a teaspoon olive or another oil of your choice, NOT vegetable ,canola, or soy, and apply vaginally and rectally for a week to ten days. it should clear it right up. Lemongrass is a natural enemy of candidia, our yeasty friend.

  147. So I’m 90% sure I have a yeast infection. I’m 18 and I’ve never had one before so I don’t really know for sure. I’m not and have never been sexually active so it couldn’t possibly be an STI. I’ve heard about BV, but I feel like my symptoms match the yeast infection much more closely. I’ve probably had it a week, but after starting to get discharge coming from my vagina, I decided I probably need to do something about it. I read this article with skepticism, but I eventually tried the yogurt. I ate like seven or eight spoonfuls of plain yogurt with live bacteria. Anyway, I didn’t really feel comfortable shoving a tampon covered in yogurt inside of me so I just used my fingers and kind of spread it around. It was IMMEDIATE relief. The cooling sensation was so nice compared to the burning itch I’ve been feeling. I’m too scared to try Monistat because I hear that for some people it makes things a lot worse. Anyway, I’m just wondering if the tampon is really necessary? Is the point to get INSIDE or is it effective to just put it on the outside?

    1. I think it probably depends on where the infection is really at. Since you have a discharge, there’s probably an infection inside, and applying yogurt outside might not help. However, you’re also eating the yogurt, so it’s always possible. I would leave it on as long as you can, although it is admittedly messy.

  148. I started itching a few days back, the pre-rash itch, used the yogurt, plain greek, last night vaginally, I HATE eating yogurt…’s a texture thing, and I think it just became my new favorite yeast treatment. On top of the yogurt I’ve been taking a pre/probiotic drink mix I get at Whole Foods 1 x daily for about 4 days now. I just wish I would have come here first to read application methods instead of just smearing it in…… I may have to talk to my guy because he was itching in a certain somewhere the last couple of times we were together……. I’m genetically prone to yeast infections so when he itches it’s a BIG cause of concern for me. I usually only get infected in the Fall…… comfort food + hormones + not enough water. Hope this helps someone out there….. And for the teens out there: it’s ok to talk to Mom…. at least on this subject she can usually help you.

  149. Sheila, the yogurt isn’t really a “medicine” so there isn’t any way to know how long it will take, or even if it will work at all. It depends on how bad the infection was to start with. I know your doctor will want to know you’re having problems, because they like us to continue with a full regimen of antibiotics. And if your yeast infection doesn’t clear up right away, she might have a more effective anti-fungal medication that will clear things up faster.

  150. Hi Jonni, I have had about six or more yeast infections within the past few months, at this point Ive post count, I’m not exaggerating (it’s definitely yeast because I’ve been to the dr several times and they said it’s not BV or trich). I don’t know what caused it to begin with…I’ve never suffered from them before, maybe once a year in the past if that. I’ve taken diflucan about three times, and I took the pill in combination with a 7 day prescription cream not long ago. I just finished using the cream a few days ago, had sex with a condom, and the infection came back. Even if I didn’t have sex, with the amount of times I’ve had this recurring infection, it most likely would have come back again because I don’t think I’m allergic to latex. I’ve had sex with condoms before and nothing has happened. I’ve also changed my diet because I used to eat fast food all the time, now not so much and am eating healthier. I started eating yogurt and taking Align probiotics as well. My boyfriend and I usually have unprotected sex and nothing ever happened before, and Ive been on birth control for about 3-4 years. I used to be on loestrin but for the past few months I’ve been on microgestin since I don’t have health insurance yet. I even changed my soap to Dove sensitive and bought unscented laundry detergent even though I’ve used fragranced things in the past and have been fine, and bought more cotton panties.

    I just got another infection yesterday after this 7day cream and diflucan method. I really am going crazy because I don’t have the money to keep going to the doctor without insurance and monistat by itself doesn’t seem to be working. I heard a water and vinegar douche has helped people so I just bought Massengill and a 3 day monistat hoping the combination of the two will work. Is Massengill ok to use for this? I’m also going to try dipping the tampon in chobani yogurt. If this doesn’t work, I really don’t know what else to do. I don’t have HIV or STDs, I was tested less than a month ago and I have been stressed but hopefully not to the point where it’s causing this. What could be causing this to keep happening all of a sudden?? I haven’t had a solid week go by without an infection after treating it. Please help 🙁

    1. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t tell you if the Monistat and the Massengill can be safely used together. You might want to ask your doctor if there’s any possibility that you may be diabetic – chronic yeast infections can be one of the first signs. Other than that, (and staying away from sugar, of course) I don’t know what else to tell you. I hope you do get better soon.

  151. Ok so yeast infections aren’t sexually transmitted?? Correct? Also I am 99% sure I have one atm. It started about 4 days ago. Itchy and burns when I pee. But is only between my lips around ny vagina. I am supposed to have my period next week so I am guessing my ph is off because of that. Don’t have insurance so a dr is out of the question. I have looked up pics on google and they make a yeast infection look horrible. I don’t even have any discharge really but I actually took a pic of it down there so I could see what’s going on and there was a little white gunk but not much… anyway does that sound like a yeast infection? I have started using yogurt today. How long does it usually take? I’m seeing my bf in a couple days and I’m wanting to have sex so I’m hoping it goes away fast.

  152. Well, about a year ago I lied to my mom about getting my period so I could skip my religious classes once a week. Now I feel really bad about it and I don’t kow when ill start my actual period. ive been developing breats for about 3 years and they’re normal size, I have had vaginal discharge for about 2 years almost, and I’ve grown leg and arm hair, but no armpit hair, and I grew hair down there. I also think I have a yeast infection because for the past year my discharge is brown and really smelly and I can fill up a whole liner with discharge in a day! Can a yeast infection delay my period and when do u think ill get it? what time did u get it( age)?

    Update : And my vagina also itches. I itched it os much it burns when I bee!!!!!!!!!

    Update 2: im still11/12 so will my mom get to see what the doctor ssays? and what if I have bv?

    1. Felicity, you need to go to the doctor right away. Tell your mom you think you might have some sort of infection, and get an appointment right away. If you happen to have a bacterial infection, you may need antibiotics to avoid permanent damage. If you have a yeast infection, you need medication to make it go away so you won’t have all that discomfort. You can always tell your mom that you want to talk to the doctor by yourself, because the whole thing is embarrassing. And when you do talk to the doctor, ask all the questions you asked here. Write them down so you don’t forget any of them. If your doctor’s office has a nurse you like, you might be able to ask her over the phone instead. But in any case, talk to your mom, and get that appointment!

  153. hi jonni, I am a nurse, I just wanted to say you can insert the yogurt with a syringe or even turkey baster, u can get a syringe at any pharmacy just take the needle off and aspirate the yogurt inside. I advise anyone to try homeopathic remedy’s first before resorting to drugs. also I wanted to ask about u? what motivates u to keep answering these questions related to yeast infections for years? even though u have to keep repeating yourself? I find it amazing that u put such thought into your answers and cont to help people. tell us more about u?

  154. Hi there, I am typing this post looking for some help. I have a daughter who is 15 months old. She’s had a yeast infection for 2 months now. We went to the doctor who gave us this cream and said it should clear up if we used this anti fungal cream twice a day for 2 weeks. We did that with no success and the cream seemed like it was burning my daughter because she would cry out in pain when I put it on. So then fustrated we went to a holistic doctor who said to change my daughters diet; up proteins, up veggtables, no carbs no fruit for two weeks, and give her wide spectrum acodophlis, (not sure if I’m spelling that right). So it seemed to get better by the end of the 1st week but now we are in the 2nd week on this new diet and it seems like it has gotten worse! I know when I get them if I do a few treatments of yogurt topically it goes away so I tried this with my daughter. It doesn’t seem to be helping. We also have her eatting a yogurt meal for lunch everyday, put acidophilus in her bottle and recently introduced keffer, a smoothe type drink with 20 live and active cultures in it. I feel like we are trying everything and she is still swollen and in pain! And she’s just a baby! Is there anything else that I can do for her to help this yeast infection go away??

    1. Ouch – this sounds like a painful problem for the poor child. I can’t offer medical advice, I’m afraid, so you will need to contact the doctors again and tell them their prescriptions didn’t work. I did a fast online search for baby yeast infections, and it sounds like the anti-fungal cream should have worked within just a few days. Did they both check to make sure it was a yeast infection, and not bacterial?

      I wish you luck, and I’m sorry I can’t help much. I hope she gets better soon.

      1. Thank you for responding, neither of them did any real tests, they just looked at the rash and said it was a yeast infection. I didn’t even think of bacteria because I trusted in my doctors but I’m going to do some research on what else this could possibly be because something doesn’t seem right. Thank you

  155. I gotta say, I’m a big advocate for the yogurt to cure yeast infections, or at least reduce the symptoms drastically. I suffer from regular occurrence of UTIs due to the unfortunate placement if my urethra. I always get a yeast infection after taking the antibiotics prescribed for my uTI so my MD always gives me a script for Diflucan. The Diflucan usually acts immediately after the first day, but this time it didn’t work. So I decided to get an OTC treatment. That didn’t work and the burning and itching got unbearably worse. The only thing that gave me any relief was to rub my vagina with ice cubes!

    I read these posts, ate the 3 tablespoons of the plain Chobani Greek yogurt and I made the yogurt suppositories with the plastic glove. I also rubbed some of the yogurt on the outside. Within twenty minutes my itching was completely gone! I was absolutely amazed! I had gone from wanting to rip my vagina off to being completely comfortable sitting on my couch again. Oh and I read Sheila the nurses comment about using a turkey baster or syringe…that’s a great idea!

      1. I’m not sure whether I have BV or another infection but I have tried yogurt before and it helped. I got a slight pain and itch in my vagina and feel like my body odour has changed over the last two weeks or so which has worried me quite a bit. I bought some plain organic yogurt but realise it says pasteurised and homogenised on the label. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t use pasteurised yogurt.. Is that true? I was thinking of going to the doctor, but the annoying thing is I have to go to the GP first in order to get sent on to the gynecologist, which could take days, weeks, so I really hope this yogurt treatment works ..

        1. It’s the live culture that matters in the yogurt. I’ve never seen non-pasturized yogurt for sale in a supermarket, so that’s what everybody uses. Don’t hesitate to get that doctor’s appointment, though, if your infection doesn’t clear up right away.

  156. I got a yeast infection. I took a fluconazole and inserted some frozen unsweetened coconut yogurt with acidophilus. In the am, my vulva was nearly swollen shut, and my yeast infection 10Xs worse. I went to the ER. Tomorrow I am following up with my gyro. Don’t self treat yeast infections, and don’t stick food in your vagina–that’s my two cents. I just hope I can cure this fast. I’ve never had such a bad infection down there in my life.

  157. Yogurt alone is NOT strong enough to cure a yeast infection. Yogurts contain the same type of probiotics that keeps the vagina healthy, yet everyone woman I know needs something stronger that contains those same probiotics. If you want something natural (like i do) that works, go with the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse. It doesnt upset my stomach and does not have harmful chemicals in it.

  158. Neem tea and neem oil have been proven effective against external and internal candida albicans as well as other strains of yeast, worms, virus and bacteria. Currently, I am taking the neem tea one cup three times for several days (I will not lie — it tastes unbelievably bitter), and also using plain yogurt inserted inside the nether regions. I also smeared a large dollop of the yogurt on a cloth, and squished it into the lady bits. External Itch gone nearly instantly. Am eating the yogurt and also taking probiotic pills, reduced my diet to strictly no sugar save the natural milk sugar in the yogurt.

    This was the first yeast infection I have had in many years. I had been rather ill and also now live in a hot and moist climate (used to live in a colder, MUCH drier climate).

    The mega doses I am taking is to quickly rid the body of yeast overgrowth and the bad bacteria. Otherwise, the doses are much smaller.

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