Yeast Infections Caused by Sharing Dirty Needles

//Yeast Infections Caused by Sharing Dirty Needles
Yeast Infections Caused by Sharing Dirty Needles2020-05-19T13:29:21+00:00

The sharing of dirty needles by drug users can inject yeast into the bloodstream or muscles, right along with HIV viruses and hepatitis germs.

For a whole lot of reasons, sharing needles is not a good idea. This is especially true if the person using dirty needles is already immune compromised. Although yeast infections are not usually dangerous for most people, they can be deadly for people with AIDS or other illnesses that reduce the body’s ability to fight off infection.

Injecting yeast into the bloodstream may lead to blood-born Candida infections. These infections can spread to the brain, causing changes in behavior or mental functioning. This type of systemic infection may require hospitalization and treatment by IV antibiotics. Unfortunately, the fatality rate is extremely high in immune-compromised patients.