Yeast Infections on the Skin – Common Symptoms

//Yeast Infections on the Skin – Common Symptoms
Yeast Infections on the Skin – Common Symptoms2020-05-07T21:38:29+00:00

A fungal skin infection caused by Candida is called cutaneous candidiasis.

You can get a rash caused by yeast almost anywhere, but the more common areas for a rash are folded areas like the armpit, in the crotch, under the foreskin, and under the breasts. When a skin infection occurs in the genital area of men, it’s called called a male yeast infection. Obesity can create folds and crevices that form a perfect environment for Candida, as can hot, humid weather and tight clothing.

This yeast is also the most common cause of diaper rash.

As with any other yeast infection, the underlying cause can be any number of things, such as the use of antibiotics, irritation by chemicals or perfumes, diabetes, hormone changes, etc.

There is nothing unusual about having Candida living on the skin. Yeast lives on the skin almost all the time without hurting anything. However, when the conditions are right, the yeast can grow too quickly or turn into its infectious form, and you then get a rash.

What a yeast infection on the skin looks like

Candida rash looks red and flat, with sharp scalloped edges. You may see small pustules around the edges of the rash, the area may itch or burn, and it may be painful. There are usually smaller patches nearby. A rash around the anus may be white or red, and will itch.

Yeast infections can also appear on the nail bed (onychomycosis). Some doctors are becoming concerned bout the popularity of orally-administered anti-fungal medication like Lamisil Tablets™ which may create more strains of drug-resistant and infectious yeast. It is not yet known if these medications are resulting in more invasive forms of skin, vaginal or oral yeast infections, but the possibility is there, and should be discussed with your doctor before beginning an oral treatment for nail infections.