Can a Sauna Help You Prevent Yeast Infections?

//Can a Sauna Help You Prevent Yeast Infections?
Can a Sauna Help You Prevent Yeast Infections?2020-05-07T21:42:45+00:00

It has been suggested that you can reduce the numbers of yeast organisms in your body by sitting in a sauna or a nice hot bath, but this theory has not been researched.

Dr. Jeffrey McCombs, DC., who specializes in the treatment of patients with suspected systemic Candida infections, has made heat treatment (sweating in a sauna or hot tub) a cornerstone of his program.

I have been unable to find any support for this method of treatment in the Medical journals, but saunas do help to detoxify the body through the sweat glands, so there may be some truth to it.

Perhaps a detoxified body is better able to fight off a yeast infection, even if the sauna doesn’t actually heat your body enough to kill the yeast outright. At this point, of course, it’s just speculation, but many practitioners of oriental medicine do use heat to improve immune function, even for cancer patients. And what the heck – saunas make you feel great, and they can’t hurt, unless you’re pregnant or have a heart condition.

If your doctor approves, you might try taking a sauna once or twice a week. Heat is considered an immune system booster by practitioners of oriental medicine, but a sauna is not a proven treatment for Candida, as far as I know. However, it might help you lose weight, which will in turn improve your general health and hormone balance, so it might work. And, a sauna helps you relax.

If you aren’t used to sitting in a sauna, you’ll want to talk it over with your doctor first – and don’t expect miracles. This is still an unproven theory.


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