Garlic for Yeast Infections

//Garlic for Yeast Infections
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Garlic has natural antifungal substances, and many women have wonderful results by using a peeled clove of garlic for yeast infections.

In mild cases, using a fresh clove in the vagina overnight for several nights may clear up the infection, and there are rarely any side effects (unless you’re allergic to garlic).

Fresh garlic

The clove may be a bit difficult to remove, unfortunately, and it will naturally smell like garlic. And some women have sensitive mucous membranes that are irritated by the direct application of garlic. As with all home remedies, you should use this one with caution.

Some people wrap the garlic in a small square of cheesecloth and tie off the end with dental floss. This creates a small package that can be inserted and removed like a tampon. However, you may find that the dry cheesecloth scratches when it is inserted, and tiny internal cuts and scrapes can actually make a yeast infection worse, or give yeast an opportunity to start another infection after the current infection is cured.

Before using garlic for yeast infections (or any other natural or OTC remedy) it’s advisable to have a physical exam to make sure you really have a yeast infection and not a bacterial infection that mimics the symptoms of a yeast infection.